'Bachelorette' Recap: Dale Moss Proposes to Clare Crawley, New Bachelorette Steps In

Clare and Dale's whirlwind romance, however, doesn't sit well with other suitors as one of them demands that the leading lady of the show apologizes to them for wasting their time and faking her interest.

AceShowbiz - After being delayed for a few days due to presidential election, a new episode of "The Bachelorette" arrived on Thursday, November 5. The episode kicked off with the men complaining because Clare Crawley decided not to give anyone the rose at the group date because she didn't think she spent enough time with them during the date.

The whole situation prompted host Chris Harrison to visit Clare in her room because he thought they needed a serious talk because the men were not happy over Clare's obvious interest towards Dale. Claire admitted to Chris that she was head over heels for Dale, though she wanted to respect the process. She also denied talking to Dale before the show.

Later, Chris met the men to announce that there wouldn't be a cocktail party and a rose ceremony that night. He then pulled Dale out, telling him that the cancellation was because Clare wanted to spend more time with him tonight.

Meanwhile, Clare was all dressed up as she waited for Dale. She was really nervous, thinking there was always possibility that Dale didn't reciprocate her feelings. The two then met to have dinner and Dale told her that he wanted to know more about Clare as well as her parents. They professed their love to each other and kissed.

Following the dinner, the pair went back to Clare's room and got comfy on the bed. The filming stopped as the two had a steamy makeout session. The next morning saw Dale shirtless as they were in bed together. In a confessional, Clare said, "I could most definitely, GLADLY spend the rest of my life with Dale. I didn't expect a lot of things to happen this quickly."

She then gushed over the "priceless" time she spent with Dale, telling Chris that Dale was "even better than I expected" when the cameras off. "It's unbelievable to me, and it's surreal. He's exactly what I'm looking for, and I would be so honored to be with this guy for the rest of my life, easily. And I don't even hesitate on that," she said. Chris told her that she broke records in the show's history and there would be proposal that night.

It was time for Clare to tell other men about what happened between her and Dale. "This is so hard for me, because you guys are all such amazing guys," she said. "Essentially, when I came here, I was so ready and open and willing to like, find the love of my life, and what I came here for, I think I found. And it's with Dale. I know each and every one of you have so much to offer... I'm a woman who knows what I want, and I'm going for it."

She went on to say, "I just have so much respect for you guys that I would never, ever want to lead any of you on, and I hope you guys know it doesn't devalue any of the conversations or any of the energy I had with you guys. I hope that what I found in Dale, I sincerely want the same for you guys."

The men were unsurprisingly baffled with Blake showing his concern about how fast she fell in love which might hurt her later. Meanwhile, Kenny demanded an apology from Claire who replied, "I'm not going to apologize for love."

"I just feel like a lot of time was wasted... I could tell your head wasn't there," he hit back. "So, you should apologize for faking it, when you should have admitted you were in love with Dale after the first night, because that's what it looks like." As she broke down, Clare eventually apologized for wasting everyone's time and hurting them, though she insisted that she wouldn't apologize for love.

After calling Neil Lane for a ring, Chris told Dale that he had to propose to Clare because she broke up with the other guys. Later, Dale could be seen contemplating whether he would propose to Clare or not because they just met for two days.

The most-anticipated moment was finally here. Clare was afraid that Dale wasn't on the same page with her when it came to proposal. However, it seemed like she shouldn't have been worried because Dale got on one knee and asked, "Clare, will you marry me?" Clare obviously accepted it and gave Dale her final rose.

Later, viewers were offered a glimpse at the first look at Tayshia Adams who will take over "The Bachelorette" from Clare. Following the episode, Chris also shared on his social media accounts a new poster, teasing "a new journey" with Taysha.

"The Bachelorette" airs on Tuesdays on ABC.

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