Stevie Nicks Claims Fleetwood Mac Male Members Hate Confident Woman Like Her

The Fleetwood Mac frontman talks about her feud with her former bandmate and lover Lindsey Buckingham as she's asked about any possible reunion with him.

AceShowbiz - Stevie Nicks has no intention of ever performing with her ex-lover and former Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham again.

Lindsey was booted from the band two years ago when he made comments at Stevie's expense when Fleetwood Mac were honoured as the MusiCares Person of the Year in 2018.

Although she got in touch with him when he suffered a heart attack last year (19), the "Edge of Seventeen" hitmaker says their musical relationship is at an end.

Asked if she'd ever appear on stage again in an interview with The Guardian she says, "probably never," before going on to say that she hasn't regarded any of the group as close pals since the mid-1970s.

She explains that when asked, "'Do you get along?' We'd go: 'Not really.' They'd say: 'Are you friends?' and we'd go: 'Not really.' 'Do you see each other when you're not on tour?' 'Er, no.' It has been like that since 1976."

Stevie also accused Lindsey of being "jealous" of the success of her 1981 album "Bella Donna" as he left a copy she gifted him on the studio floor and refused to listen to it. She went on to claim all of her male bandmates and producers "hated that kind of confidence in a woman."

Her comments come after drummer Mick Fleetwood said he and his ex-bandmate were on good terms but admitted the guitarist's return would be complicated.

"All I can say is really openly is that Lindsey Buckingham and the work he has done with the band is never going to go away and we have a functioning band with the changes that we made (sic)," he explained. "You know time heals and it was lovely to be able to talk with him."

Although Stevie replied "no" when asked by The Guardian if she'd spoken to Lindsey since his departure, the 72-year-old singer did tell the Los Angeles Times she had sent her best wishes after his heart attack.

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