Johnny Depp Shows Off Wine Bottle Painting He Completed After 14 Years

Sharing a look at his finished artwork, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor reflects on how the forced downtime amid the coronavirus pandemic gave him time to revisit the hobby he had long abandoned.

AceShowbiz - Johnny Depp is showcasing his art skills after finally completing a large painting of a wine bottle, 14 years in the making.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star took to his new Instagram account this weekend (May 23-24) to share his finished artwork, revealing he's been using the forced downtime amid the coronavirus pandemic to revisit previous hobbies he had long abandoned.

"It's odd, the things that we once gave such pure, intense focus and devotion to for months on end. Then suddenly the wind shifts and off we go on a new tack," Depp began in the lengthy caption.

"And for far too long, these earlier interests or passions sadly fall by the wayside and recede into the vast recesses of some hoarder's crawlspace in the brain cloaked in heaps of the other things that my skull had no room for...until recently."

The actor went on to explain he came across the incomplete canvas while in isolation, and was inspired once more to pick up his paintbrush.

He continued, "I found this painting, which I had started in 2006 ... for 14 years I'd never touched the painting - the occasional glance, at best. Yet it somehow always lingered in my mind, this piece of unfinished business."

"Even while we are forced to live in the immediate, some strange species of the interrupted passion that has been invested in an object we once focused on awaits our return from far away. I will keep you apprised of the progress! All Love, JD".

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