'LHH' Star Sierra Gates Attacks and Grabs Karlie Redd's Hair in Heated Argument

This starts after Karlie fails to show up to Sierra’s court date to testify to vouch for her amid the latter's legal trouble as she's accused of attacking her ex-husband Shooter's other pregnant baby mama.

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" season 9 opens with a thick tension between cast members Sierra Gates and Karlie Redd. Sierra was facing legal troubles after she was accused of attacking her ex-husband Shooter's other pregnant baby mama while at the funeral of Shooter's teenaged son last year. Karlie promised to testify on the court to defend her, but for some reasons Karlie didn’t show up to Sierra’s court date to testify on her behalf.

It appeared that her car was stuck in traffic when she was on the way to her co-star's court date. However, someone tipped Sierra off that Karlie never had intentions to come and vouch for her. She confronted Karlie at her party and that ensued an altercation between the two with Karlie threatening to renege on her testimony.

"It's not about you! This is about me!" Sierra yelled. Karlie then responded, "Keep that same energy because I know that you need me to be there."

Sierra fired back, "I don't need you to do a motherf***in' thing! I got a great lawyer. I'mma keep that energy! Don't ever think I need you, 'cause that's where you got me f***ed up! I love you enough to not whoop yo' a**! Karlie, get yo' a** up out of here!…I got one case, I don't wanna catch another one!"

They kept arguing and that only escalated when Sierra started to physically attack Karlie. She put her hand on Karlie's face. Others were trying to separate them but at one point, Sierra grabbed a handful of Karlie's hair.

Viewers seemingly were siding with Karlie on this case. "The problem is that Sierra heard sum he say, she say s**t and actually believed it. A real friend would've came and talked to their friend to get their side of the story," an Instagram user said. One other commented, "Sierra did tooooo much. Karlie didnt deserve that."

Meanwhile, someone believed that Sierra was highly likely to get another case with how her behaved. "So this is how you prove that you didn't first throw punch at your ex bby mada ok. Let tbe judge see this before n see if you would have been freed of the charges," another comment read.

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