'LHH': Alexis Skyy Calls Karlie Redd's Husband Arkansas Mo 'Fraud' Over Fake Storyline Claims

Writing on her Twitter account, Alexis accuses Arkansas of begging her 'to b with me, begging me to bring u onto LovenHipHop' before alluding that he's gay.

AceShowbiz - The premiere episode of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" season 9 saw Alexis Skyy having a heated altercation with co-star Karlie Redd. The two ladies were at each other's throat at Kirk and Rasheeda Frost's anniversary party after Alexis claimed that Karlie's husband Arkansas Mo proposed to Karlie with the ring that he previously gave to her.

Hours after the episode aired, Arkansas broke his silence and slammed Alexis, accusing her of lying for a storyline. "if you ever hate me, hate me alone.. don't be out here lying, and trying to recruit people to hate me with yo miserable a**," so the message in the picture, which he shared on Tuesday, March 17 on Instagram, read.

"I wasn't even going to address this bs, but this thirsty a** mf really got me f***ed up! I'm not the lames you use to and I never gave anyone the same ring, might of fact NEVER even gave you a ring, I was with jeweler getting my grill...," Arkansas wrote in the caption. "u FaceTime, he later sent me a video of a ring, I asked what you think...now your miserable ass done flipped that into a storyline and this was well before I even met my wife...."

"swear they don't want to be on a messy a** show yet making up s**t to be on the show, fake a** storylines," he went on to say. "At no point I was your n***a you was just a mf a dude knew from the h** circuit! Truly need to stop swearing s**t on your kid...damn sure need to keep my name out your mouth!!! And when I met my wife, I wasn't even dealing with you, no communication or anything."

It didn't take long before Alexis responded on her Twitter account. "Arkansas BOTTOM Butt Mo... I wouldn't even address you because all your were was a fraud to Me!!! You know I NEVER LIKE U... & I NEVER in my life said we were in a relationship. You & ur Wife said it!!!" she furiously tweeted. In another post, she also accused Arkansas of begging her "to b with me, begging me to bring u onto Love&HipHop, u didn't lease a 800k house around the corner from my moms house in Larenceville to be w me?"

She also denied hooking up with Arkansas, writing, "I NEVER in my life slept around with him, I NEVER kissed or mess with this man a day in my life!!! All he did was literally spent about $100,000 on me in two months while trying to pursue me!!! & THAT WAS IT!!!"

"I told you I didn't want a relationship with u but we would be friends.... & you wouldn't accept that!!! You then txt my best friend @kingikey & my stepdad with videos of the ring asking 'if this would change my mind?' I told them NO!!!!" she continued. "Then 3 weeks later when on Met & Proposed to Karlie with the same ring!!! Once I made it known... ya switched the ring!!!! You're a fraud!!!! Who's desperately wants to be on TV!!! All u do is pursue girls who's on TV!!!! I guess u found ur dummy!! Cuz it wasn't me!!!"

Not enough, Alexis added, "All u do is go around stealing ppls money & trying to make yourself seem like this person your not!!! I rest my case!! Your a f****in Clown." Later, she appeared to allude that Arkansas is gay, writing, "now stop beating on your 'wife' and go find a dude who satisfies your ITCH!!!"

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