Sierra Gates Publicly Apologizes to Karlie Redd as Karlie Considers Suing Her Over Assault

Referring to their physical altercation at her party, Sierra says, 'Unfortunately that happened. Like I said, I'm not proud that happened and I really feel really really bad.'

AceShowbiz - Sierra Gates is taking to her social media to publicly apologize to "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" co-star Karlie Redd for physically attacking her in the latest episode of the VH1 reality star. In a video she posted on Instagram on Monday, March 30 to "address something, about the show and the situation with me and my friend Karlie."

"I want to genuinely say that I apologize again. I've apologized so many times but I really feel like my friend Karlie deserves a public apology because that shouldn't happen," Sierra continued, adding that her co-star "has always been a great person to me so that was nothing I planned and wanted to happen."

Admitting that Karlie "is really a great person and a great friend" off-camera, Sierra continued, "Unfortunately that happened. Like I said, I'm not proud that happened and I really feel really really bad." She also said that she's working on the friendship she has with Karlie.

This arrives after a promo for an upcoming episode of "LHH: Atlanta" hinted that Karlie was considering to press charges against Sierra for the attack.

The altercation stemmed from Sierra being upset at Karlie for not showing up to Sierra's court date to testify on her behalf because her car was stuck in traffic. However, someone tipped Sierra off that Karlie never had intentions to come and vouch for her. She confronted Karlie at her party and that ensued an altercation between the two with Karlie threatening to renege on her testimony.

"Keep that same energy because I know that you need me to be there," Karlie said. Sierra fired back, "I don't need you to do a motherf***in' thing! I got a great lawyer. I'mma keep that energy! Don't ever think I need you, 'cause that's where you got me f***ed up! I love you enough to not whoop yo' a**! Karlie, get yo' a** up out of here! ... I got one case, I don't wanna catch another one!"

They kept arguing and that only escalated when Sierra started to physically attack Karlie. She put her hand on Karlie's face. Others were trying to separate them but at one point, Sierra grabbed a handful of Karlie's hair.

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