Karlie Redd on Reports on Her Getting Beat Up on 'LHH: Atlanta': 'Fake News'

Posting a video on Instagram, Karlie shows that she's fine without any scratch unlike the reports, telling people to do 'the good things for good people instead of spreading fake news.'

AceShowbiz - Earlier this week, reports of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Karlie Redd getting beaten up while filming the VH1 reality show emerged online, noting that the star was badly injured and rushed to the hospital. Now, Karlie has taken to her social media account to react to the news.

Posting a video on her Instagram account, Karlie showed that she's fine without any scratch unlike the reports. "The hospital? the hospital? I'm at a school. Y'all need to donate. Let's talk about doing the good things for good people instead of spreading fake news," she said in the clip.

She further set the records straight in the caption that read, "Alert! Fake News! I I should NOT have to Address All these Fake News But My Phone is Ringing Off the Hook!"

The reality TV star went on writing, "I have NEVER Been in A Hospital for Fighting & No Club For Fighting! Why Can’t The Media Talk about The Good things I'm doing Like Helping These Kids At The School. Y'all Have Nothing Else to Do But Believe Fake News!"

Fans, however, didn't buy her. "That body what is going on under that sweater honey .. whatever it is it ain't matching those lil legs," someone wrote in the comment section. Meanwhile, someone else was convinced that Karlie was the one who started the rumors. "She put that rumor out herself just to let us know she's helping kids at schools bye Karlie Green," the person said.

Someone else urged Karlie to relax. "It's only one little rumor chile. relax and not everyone even heard about it till you posted it. People be going long when you give them an inch," the user wrote.

It was previously said that the TV star was brutally beaten by her "LHH: Atlanta" co-stars to the point she had to be treated in a hospital intensive care unit. The violent night took place a week ago when Karlie was at an Atlanta nightclub. The VH1 personality was allegedly attacked by her rivals from the show, prompting her to sustain several injuries. She was then rushed to the intensive care unit of a hospital in the city.

Regarding the culprits, everyone, including the police who are investigating the case, was staying mum. However, the site claimed that at least one of the attackers had appeared on the VH1 reality TV series.

Thankfully, Karlie has since been released from the hospital and is currently recovering from her injuries. The reports added that the star was forced to stop filming "LHH: Atlanta", pending the police investigation.

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