'AGT' Live Results Recap: Find Out Who Are Advancing to the Semi-Finals

In the episode, 'America's Got Talent' fan-favorite Shin Lim returns to the stage as the winner of season 13 brings Jay Leno along with him to the stage to help him in his show-stopping performance.

AceShowbiz - The nerve-wrecking moment for the contestants of "America's Got Talent" season 14 was here. In the Wednesday, August 14 episode of the show, host Terry Crews revealed the 7 acts who would be moving to the semi-finals, while 3 others were up for the Dunkin' Save.

Kicking off the night, Terry named Ansley Burns, the Emerald Belles and Sophie Pecora as the ones who would go head-to-head in a live voting round for the "Dunkin' Save". Before going further with the results, Sophie Dossi, Brian King Joseph and Bianca Ryan teamed up for one epic performance.

Another "America's Got Talent" fan-favorite, Shin Lim, also returned to the stage. The winner of season 13 brought Jay Leno with him to the stage to help him in his show-stopping performance.

Black-light painter Alex Dowis was the first performer to move forward to the semi-finals. Julianne Hough's Golden Buzzer Luke Islam later joined him in the safe zone. Later on, blind and autistic Kodi Lee and Voices of Service went head to head to hear their results. After a long nerve-wrecking pause, Terry revealed that both of them made it to the next round!

The next face off was among The Messoudi Brothers, Bir Khalsa and Greg Morton. The Messoudi Brothers were voted through the semi-finals, leaving Bir Khalsa and Greg in jeopardy. However, Terry then noted that one of them would join others in the semi-finals and the lucky act was Greg.

Now it was time for the announcement for the Dunkin' Save. Only one among Ansley Burns, Emerald Belles and Brad Paisley's Golden Buzzer singer Sophie Pecora who would advance to the semi-finals. Receiving the most votes in a 30-minute flash round was Ansley! With that, Singer Carmen Carter, girl group GFORCE, Emerald Belles, Sophie and danger act Bir Khalsa were forced to pack their belongings and go back home.

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