'LHH: ATL': Karlie Redd Attempts to Attack Pooh Hicks as Lie Detector Results Are Revealed

In the reunion special part 2, the results of lie detector test, which cast member Karlie Redd took to prove her innocence amid Pooh's threesome allegations, were revealed to everyone.

AceShowbiz - The moment of truth that viewers of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" have been waiting for has finally arrived. In the reunion special part 2 of "LHH: Atlanta" season 8, which aired on Monday, July 29, the results of lie detector test, which cast member Karlie Redd took to prove her innocence amid Pooh Hicks' threesome allegations, were revealed to everyone.

Nina Parker said in the episode, "People doubted your results, so we brought in our own polygraph expert to administer a test. I'm gonna read the results right here." She continued, "The first question was, 'Have you and Pooh ever had sexual intercourse?' The result was no deception indicated. Second question, 'Have you ever had a threesome with Pooh and [Pooh's husband] Hiriam [Hicks]?' The result was no deception indicated."

"Third question, 'Did you defecate on Pooh's bed?' " Nina continued, prompting Pooh to laugh. And when Nina said that the result was "no deception indicated," Karlie hurled to Pooh, who sit on the other side of the stage, before successfully being held back by the security.

"Oh, no, b***h! We don't wanna read your s**t 'cause you a liar!" Karlie screamed. "Let me introduce you to a 'hapathogicall' liar. And this is what hapathogical liar looks like."

Nina then revealed the results of the rest of questions. She told everyone that the results for question of whether Karlie and Pooh had ever sexually intimate and whether Karlie and Hiriam ever had any physical, sexual contact were inconclusive.

"We slept in a bed together plenty of times at my house," Pooh claimed, adding, "When she got her a** shots done at my house we slept in a bed together. And she had to lift her a** up.. so the a** starts....." But then Karlie interrupted, "This b***h is delusional. Baby, you got plenty a** shots with include--without me. And guess what? You slept with plenty of people."

Mimi Faust was then asked to share what she knew about the Sheetgate. "I did not witness anything going on. What happened was a bunch of us had gone out, we would go back to the studio which her husband owned at the time and we would hang out. Everyone left, Karlie was still there," she explained. "A couple of days later it was in the blogs that there was a threesome. That's it. I wasn't there. I didn't see anything. That's just the facts of what happened that particular night."

During the episode, Pooh body-shamed Shekinah Anderson after the latter tried to defend her friend Karlie. "You're fat, short and ugly, and uncomfortable looking, b***h." Pooh said of Shekinah. That was apparently was the last straw for Karlie as she later yelled, "Baby girl, baby girl, you are not gonna f***ing diss my friend!" to which Pooh responded, "Karlie, stop crying, boo-hoo b***h!"

While Karlie went crazy, Shekinah calmy said, "I could care less what this lady think about me. I choose to be single, okay?" Karlie then added in tears, "I know for a fact this s**t has affected my daughter's life. My daughter didn't want to go to school no more. I'm one who's honest about my sexuality. If I f***ed a b***h, I'll say, 'Yeah, b***h, I f***ed you, now what?' I'll take ten lie detector tests."

Season 8 of "LHH: Atlanta" has been focused on Sheetgate, in which Pooh accused Karlie of having a threesome with her and her husband Hiriam. Additionally, she claimed that Karlie tainted her sheet with her fecal during an alleged anal sex. Karlie vehemently denied the allegations.

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