Justin Bieber Has Fans Convinced He Sings About Selena Gomez on New Chris Brown Collab

Rather than feeling happy about this speculation, fans are upset with the Canadian superstar for singing about the former Disney darling when he's already a married man.

AceShowbiz - Is Justin Bieber still unable to let go of his past relationship with Selena Gomez? That's what fans are thinking after listening to his new collaboration with Chris Brown, "Don't Check on Me", which was released just recently. Furthermore, when promoting the song on his Instagram account, the Canadian superstar wrote, "I had something to say," which made fans believe their speculation even more.

The particular lines that fans speculate are about the former Disney darling read, "Might run across your mind but do not worry about me, no/ My heart's back in one piece, it ain't skipped a beat, feeling rested up, I ain't missing sleep, no oh/ Don't take it personal if I can't reply now, I'm distant 'cause I don't want to be reached now/ Won't let the ghosts of our past weigh my future down."

However, now that Justin is a married man, fans are not exactly thrilled about this. "Justin still writing songs about Selena when he's a whole a** MARRIED man?? I feel bad for hailey lol," a user said, referring to the "Baby" hitmaker's wife Hailey Baldwin. Another expressed her/his disappointment in Justin, writing, "I thought you grew up and you were mature. Damn it's your ex and you still of her! Let her live her life and focus on your f***ing 'wife.' "

"Focus on your 'wifey' and leave Selena alone once and for all. Don't mention her not even if it's to defend her," one other said, while someone suggested him to "sing songs about MARRIAGE? You said you're happy. Why still singing songs about past tense situatiin (sic) or people. I guess married WASNT EFFECTIVE AFTER ALL."

"Don't Check on Me" will be included on Chris' upcoming album "Indigo", along with his Drake collaboration "No Guidance". It's set to be released on Friday, June 28.

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