Kit Harington Credits 'Game of Thrones' High Heels for Keeping Him in Shape

Speaking about the cult fantasy series' pivotal clash in season six, the Jon Snow depicter reveals in a new magazine interview that he was required to wear stacked shoes to look taller than the others.

AceShowbiz - Actor Kit Harington didn't need to hit the gym to keep in shape for "Game of Thrones" because he had to don his heavy costume while wearing "high heels."

The Brit is famed for his role as Jon Snow on the cult fantasy drama series, but underneath the layers of leather, fur, and fighting gear he had to pull on for his character, he reveals he was also required to wear stacked shoes for one particularly pivotal clash, season six's "Battle of the B**tards" episode.

"So my costume weighed 33 pounds, and you'd carry all of that on your shoulders all day," he told Esquire magazine. "So 33 pounds for 10 hours. And then you've got the sword, and that weighs two kilograms, which is another X number of pounds."

"Plus, I was in f**king high heels, because I'm short and they need me to look taller than other people, so I'm carrying 50 pounds in high heels."

While Kit wasn't exactly thrilled to be lugging around all the extra weight in the muddy fight scenes, he maintained a positive outlook, quipping, "You didn't need to go to the gym!"

Harrington has since bid farewell to his "Game of Thrones" attire after wrapping production on the eighth and final season, which premiered on Sunday, April 14.

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