Tiny Slams Lil Wayne's Daughter for Sporting Gucci Fanny Pack Despite Blackface Controversy

Many of Reginae Carter's followers also criticize her for donning the brand's item, with one saying that she doesn't understand 'the seriousness of the situation.'

AceShowbiz - Many people, especially black people, boycott Gucci when the brand unleashed a sweater collection resembling blackface. However, Reginae Carter is surely not among the people who did it because she took to Instagram over the weekend to post a picture of her sporting a Gucci fanny pack. Unsurprisingly, it sparked the irk of her followers, including Tiny a.k.a. Tameka Cottle.

The photo in question saw the daughter of Lil Wayne smiling brightly as she showed off her Let's Vogue Girl pink bodysuit and matching shoes. Completing her style was a $1,500 Gucci fanny pack, as she wore her curly hair down. "Treat me like an option and I'll show you how many I got," she wrote in the caption of the post.

Tiny, whose husband T.I. publicly expressed his disappointment in Gucci following the controversy, was not happy with the fact that Reginae still uses Gucci. "Ok that looks new Nae," she wrote, along with a mad face emoji. One follower chimed in, "Damn Nae didn't Unc just tell us to dead that Gucci. Gucci is canceled!"

"It's still canceled sis," one other wrote. "Stop supporting Gucci!" There was also an individual who said, "Reginae obviously doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation... Someone needs to school her on her ethnicity and snatch her head out that bubble its in."

Fortunately for her, she had followers who defended her against critics. In response to Tiny's comment, one said, "Leave my niece alone she ain't got time to be actin all 'woke.' " Another commented, "People can wear what they want @majorgirl [Tiny's Instagram account] f**k outta here with that hating s**t cause u and @troubleman31 don't like something don't mean others shouldn't."

Gucci caused controversy when it was found out that they sold sweaters resembling blackface, prompting the company to apologize and discontinue selling the sweaters due to backlash. However, many people still decided to boycott the brand despite its apology, with rappers such as T.I., 50 Cent and Soulja Boy supporting the boycott.

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