'American Idol' Recap: One Singer Steals Katy Perry's Heart

In the Sunday, March 17 episode, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie kicked off the auditions in Louisville.

AceShowbiz - There are only two rounds of "American Idol" auditions left before it heads to Hollywood Week. More hopefuls appeared and flaunted their skills in Sunday, March 17 episode, hoping to impress the judges and earn a golden ticket.

Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie kicked off the auditions that night in Louisville. Since it was Katy's birthday, Luke and Lionel helped her celebrate by showing her a video of Dolly Parton singing "Happy Birthday" to the "Swish Swish" singer.

Back to the auditions, the first contestant was Jessica Whitely, who said she's a Katy superfan. She sang an original song titled "Idol". Later, Lionel asked Jessica to sing a cover that they knew without the guitar. She opted to sing Katy's "The Box", though the judges didn't think that she was there yet.

The next singer was Jacob Moran. He performed a sensational rendition of "Into You" by Ariana Grande. "You're the best voice we've heard in all of Kentucky," Katy raved. Unsurprisingly, Jacob was sent to Hollywood.

Alyssa Raghu then sang a rendition of "Shark in the Water" by V V Brown. She returned to the show after making it to the top 24 last season. Lionel praised her for coming back, while Katy said that her guitar playing wasn't on the same level as her voice just yet. Alyssa was given a golden ticket.

Colby Swift received mixed reactions from the judges after he belted out Cody Jinks' "Cast No Stones". Katy thought that Colby was "inconsistent" and "just not completely there yet." Lionel, though, noted that he had a "magnetism" about him. Luke, meanwhile, agreed with Katy. In the end, both Lionel and Katy voted yes for Colby, so he was sent to Hollywood.

Next up was Evelyn Cormier, who performed a gorgeous rendition of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". The judges were stunned by her unique voice as Katy told her, "Literary one of my favorite voices I've ever heard in my life." Obviously Evelyn headed to Hollywood!

Performing a gorgeous rendition of Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" was Ashley Hess. Midway her performance, the judges stopped her so that they could listen to her closer. "Guess what? I think you could win this whole thing," Katy said. The judges, without hesitation, sent her to the Hollywood.

Following it up was a powerful performance of Adele's "All I Ask" by Elizabeth Gaba. The judges were moved by the performance and they gave her a golden ticket. The next performer was Peach Martine, who sang "Zombie" by The Cranberries as well as an original song. The judges loved it better when she sang the original song. While Katy said no, the other two judges voted yes for Peach.

Dalton Elliot flaunted his honey-like voice by singing "Boy" by Lee Brice. Lionel loved that Dalton seemed like a storyteller when he sang, while Katy saw a potential in him. He got a golden ticket to Hollywood. As for Katie Belle, she opted to sing a rendition of "Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles. Everyone loved her voice, so it was only natural to see the judges sending her to Hollywood.

Rounding out the night was Lauren Engle. Bringing her brother-in-law to play guitar for her, she sang an original song that she wrote for her late husband. It was so powerful and the judges agreed to send her to Hollywood.

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