'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Had Meltdown Over Her Strained Relationship With Husband Gregg

'We gonna be breaking up. It's really hard. I have to be way out here by myself, and I can't talk to him,' emotional NeNe tells Cynthia Bailey while breaking down in tears.

AceShowbiz - The latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 9 saw NeNe Leakes getting extremely emotional. Aired on Sunday, February 10, the episode featured her breaking down in tears over her marriage troubles with her ailing husband Gregg Leakes.

The Housewives wrapped up their Tokyo trip and Cynthia Bailey went to visit NeNe in her room. It appeared that NeNe had just had a phone call with her husband, to whom she said she hadn't really spoken to since being away.

"I get that he's overwhelmed and he's scared, but I am overwhelmed, too," NeNe confessed to Cynthia with teary eyes. "It's a lot for me. I don't ever get this emotional about things, but this is making me emotional. It really is because Gregg and me -- we been tight for a long time. It just sucks. I'm so serious, I never get this upset about stuff."

"The fact that him and me barely talk -- I feel like we're going back the same way we came," she continued saying. "We gonna be breaking up. It's really hard. I have to be way out here by myself, and I can't talk to him."

"I hate when people say stuff like that, Cynthia," NeNe interrupted when Cynthia tried to comfort her. "Like, 'You're so strong. You got this.' I still have feelings I hate that word. I have feelings."

When Cynthia encouraged her to "keep going," NeNe responded, "Yeah, but I'm tired." She heartbreakingly went on saying, "I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to put on a face for everybody, and nobody is trying to take care of me."

The emotional moment didn't stop there. Later on the next day, NeNe and Eva Marcille were surprised by a concierge knocking on the door of NeNe's room with a massive bouquet of flowers.

The bouquet came with a note which made her sob uncontrolably after reading. It appeared that the beautiful bouquest was from Gregg who wrote the sweet note that read, "Mrs. NeNe Leakes, you are for me. When you are in pain, I hurt, too. Forgive me, my errors, and let me drown you in my love. Hurt no more, for I feel the pain I inflicted on you."

"Let me back in your heart so that I can touch it and mend our love as we continue to grow with each other," the note continued. "I love you so much, your husband, friend and biggest supporter."

Eva was also crying while witnessing the touching moment. NeNe was later too overwhelmed that she asked Eva to give her space and the later gladly did.

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