Delta Air Surprises T-Pain Onboard After Twitter Exchange Over Pre-Flight Music

After complaining publicly about Delta’s sad song choice, the 'Bartender' hitmaker praises the airlines for playing his 'Buy U a Drank' track during his flight back to Atlanta from LAX.

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop star T-Pain received a special musical tribute onboard a flight home to Atlanta, Georgia after previously complaining about the sad tunes he had to listen to in the air.

The "Bartender" hitmaker recently took to Twitter to express his feelings about the heartbreak tracks used as background music on Delta flights, and suggested airline staff play more upbeat songs to give passengers a mood boost, particularly those who are frequent fliers.

"@Delta we gotta change these boarding/taxiing songs more often guys," he wrote after landing in Los Angeles. "All of Us Million milers (quick brag) have to hear these same joints multiple times a day.

"I gotta go perform in the Staples Center in a minute and Adele just put me in the weirdest mood. Now I'm crying. Thanx (sic)."

A Delta representative was quick to respond to T-Pain, insisting his party tunes aren't always suitable for travelling music.

"Our boarding/taxing songs are intended to provide a relaxing experience," the spokesperson replied, teasing, "Can you imagine what would ensue if we played 'buy u a drank' (a personal fave), with everyone snappin' their fingers and what not? We'd never get anywhere on time. Necessary sacrifices, Mr. Pain."

Acknowledging the point made by the staffmember, T-Pain tweeted, "Touche. Understandable."

However, Delta airline employees decided to make an exception for T-Pain upon his return journey back to Atlanta on Sunday, October 07, when they switched up their music options and played his 2007 single over the plane's speakers.

"We just landing back in Atlanta from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and @delta decided they wanna show out and starts blastin' 'Buy u a drank' over the speakers in the plane (sic)," he wrote on Instagram, alongside video footage of a flight attendant dancing to the track.

"That's all for you," the employee tells T-Pain in the clip, as he giggles in his seat.

The star ended the video by quipping, "Delta came through."

Although he found the airplay exciting, T-Pain admitted it also made him understand why Delta staff tend to choose the music they usually play.

"Not gon lie it felt pretty damn cool (sic). Made me chuckle like a lil girl. s**t was wild loud too," he wrote. "Big thank you to @delta and the super solid flight attendants for getting the flight lit (amped up).

"@delta I see what you mean. I didn't wanna get off the plane. Solid facts."

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