'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' May Be Johnny Depp's Last Disney Film

Rumor has it, the 53-year-old actor have had a months-long negotiation on whether or not he will have a place with Disney in the future due to his divorce scandal.

AceShowbiz - %cJohnny Depp%'s divorce scandal could cost him a lot this time. Rumor has it, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" may be his last Disney film. He reportedly have had a months-long negotiation on whether or not he will have a place with Disney in the future.

"Many of the executives at the studio are still very unhappy with all the bulls**t he pulled during the filming of Pirates 5 and they've made it clear they have no interest in continuing to work with him," reveals a source, "His box office draw has all but disappeared and he's a mess."

During "Pirates 5" filming, Johnny had to fly back to the United States for emergency surgery on his finger, costing the production tens of millions of dollars in the process.

"It totally blew the already insane budget for the film way up," the source tells Radar Online, "Plus, the entire fiasco with Johnny and [ex-wife ] Amber [Heard]'s dogs and the Australian government, that was something that threatened Disney's very lucrative tax credit on the film."

The source continues, "They're so concerned with another Johnny scandal wrecking Pirates' opening - the way Amber's sudden divorce and abuse allegations did for the Alice in Wonderland sequel - that they tried to make him agree to drug testing, which he has refused to do. Instead, he agreed to a sober companion during the press tour and premieres."

"He's already been sober for a few months now and has lost about 15 pounds because of it. He used to drink two-five bottles of wine daily, starting at lunch, in addition to harder stuff when he was really going through it," concludes the source.

Johnny needs "Pirates 5" to bring in at least $800 million in order to make a profit. If the movie fails, he would likely be kicked out of Disney.

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