Kylie Jenner 'Sick and Tired' of Fabricated Stories, Plotting Revenge

Among the plots of revenge that Kylie plans to take are suing or using the social media to 'tell the world a particular outlet lies about Kylie and her family.'

AceShowbiz - %cKylie Jenner% is getting tired of becoming the subject of false media reports and thus she’s plotting revenge. "Every day is another lie, whether it's about her having a baby or what she'd name the baby" to "stuff about her sisters being jealous of her or her jealous of them ... it's all lies," a source told Gossip Cop. "Seriously, none of it is true" and though Kylie never addressed them publicly, "people shouldn't assume it's true."

Thus, Kylie reportedly is planning to sue or publicly name "a site or two" that repeatedly published fake stories about her or her family. A source who worked with the family informed Gossip Cop, "The sites are making up the stories without one single iota of truth, so they legally cannot hide behind saying it was told to them by a 'source,' since no one [the Jenner and Kardashian families] know would tell an outlet the fantastical things they're publishing." Another source added, the webloids "can't hide behind 'shield laws,'" which are designed in court cases to protect journalists from naming their sources, "because their sources aren't real people."

In addition to taking legal actions, Kylie reportedly has considered to use the influence of social media, which saw her having millions followers, to "tell the world a particular outlet lies about Kylie and her family." The first source claimed, "More options are being explored."

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