Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres Join #TheDress Color Debate on Social Media

An image of a dress went viral on Thursday evening, February 26 and some celebrities joined the debate of whether the dress appeared white and gold or blue and black.

AceShowbiz - There's a picture of a two-colored dress which weint viral on Thursday evening, February 26 and people began arguing over whether the dress appeared white and gold or blue and black. Celebrities like %cTaylor Swift%, %cJustin Bieber% and %cEllen DeGeneres% have now joined the debate with some of them insisting they saw white and gold while others saw blue and black.

Taylor tweeted, "I don't understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it's a trick somehow. I'm confused and scared. PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACK." Justin wrote, "And for everyone asking I see blue and black." Ellen, meanwhile, posted, "From this day on, the world will be divided into two people. Blue & black, or white & gold."

Some celebrities saw it in white and gold. %cKim Kardashian% tweeted, "What color is that dress? I see white & gold. Kanye sees black & blue, who is color blind?" %cAnna Kendrick% wrote, "If that's not White and Gold the universe is falling apart. Seriously what is happening????" %cJimmy Fallon% replied to Anna, "@questlove it's clearly #goldandwhite #TheDress."

Other celebrities like %cB.J. Novak%, %cMindy Kaling% and %cJulianne Moore% got in an interesting debate. B.J. tweeted, "White and gold," to which Mindy replied, "IT'S A BLUE AND BLACK DRESS! ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME. ARE YOU INSANE." B.J added, "@BarackObama please clear this up for us." He also shared a photo of Pope France in white and gold outfit along with caption, "I love this picture of @Pontifex in his traditional black & blue."

Julianne then joined Mindy and B.J., tweeting, "@mindykaling @bjnovak what's the matter with u guys, it's white and gold." B.J responded, "@_juliannemoore @mindykaling Thank you!And congratulations on your Oscar, which Mindy thinks is purple and green." Mindy, meanwhile, asked Julianne, "W/all due respect I feel like you both just want attention (congratulations on your Oscar tho, I agree with that). Do you think your Oscar is black or gold??!?" to which the Oscar-winning actress replied, "Black." Julianne then added, "I LOVE attention. That's why I'm an actress."

%cZendaya Coleman%, %cLucy Hale% and %cAndi Dorfman% said they saw the dress in white and gold at first, but then changed into blue and black. Zendaya tweeted, "Yo this dress thing on here is confusing the mess outta me. So it's deff white and gold but then I just saw it as black and blue too... ..TRIIIPPPPYYYYY #imdonewiththeinternet." Lucy wrote, "I saw white and gold, then i saw blue and black. now I'm confused... either way...im not gonna be wearing that dress..." Andi, meanwhile, posted, "At first it was gold and white, now I'm thinking it's black and blue. I don't know, but I know it wouldn't be in my closet #dressmystery."

%cSarah Hyland% said that his brother also saw white and gold then changed into blue and black. "Guys. I've stared at this dress for 5 minutes. Like an idiot. All I see is white and gold. And a satin bolero that shouldn't be paired w/ it. I asked my brother. He agreed with me saying gold and white. Now all he sees in blue and black. What is this sorcery!!! I still see g/w. What color is that dress? UGLY. The end."

Other celebrities wanted to stop the debate. %cAriana Grande% wrote, "If one more person asks me what color i think this damn dress is. i see grey and blue and ugly." %cJosh Groban% tweeted, "I find it ironic that Kim K got naked to break the Internet and it was a dress that did it." %cJames Franco% posted, "Dress controversy... VIOLET and BLACK! Obvs." %cHailee Steinfeld% wrote, "IT'S YELLOW AND ORANGE WILL EVERYONE JUST BE QUIET."

Adobe gave an explanation on the dress picture.

A Twitter user named Brad The Lad Long shared another explanation about why some people might see certain colors while others see something different. He said it has to do with a big life event that had a negative affect on the viewer.

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