Drew Barrymore Biography

news-details Drew Blythe Barrymore born on February 22, 1975 in Culver City, California is actually meant to be an American film and television actress and producer. Born to an actor father, John Drew Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore, Drew Barrymore had never finished high school but started her career early at the age of 11 months, when she appeared in a dog food commercial. As time went by, she got the chance to co-star in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film "E.T.," the Extra-Terrestrial that led her to the ladder of fame.

At 7, Barrymore had been chosen as the youngest ever guest host of the weekly TV program Saturday Night Live after Andy Kaufman was voted off the show on November 20, 1982. Gained such fame "shocked" Barrymore a lot by which it falsely brought her into a notoriously reckless and indulgent childhood. Since then she had to face such difficult phase when she found herself started drinking alcoholic beverages by the time she was 9, smoking marijuana at 10, and snorting cocaine at 12. She later on described this early period of her life in her 1990 autobiography, Little Girl Lost, which was completed at her 14 years.

Things she owned during that period of time had, more or less, affected Barrymore adulthood, time when she could overcome her substance abuse problems but still maintained her "bad girl" image. The fact proved that Barrymore, in the following years, turned the "clean" role she previously had into her new-found role as a sex symbol to stage a career comeback in the 1990s, playing a teenage seductress in "Poison Ivy." Afterwards she attracted public attention, shocking them with her fully nude pose for the January 1995 issue of Playboy, for which her godfather, Stephen Spielberg gave her a quilt for her 20th birthday with a note that read "Cover yourself up." Enclosed with the present there was a copy of her Playboy appearance with the pictures altered by Spielberg art department so that she appeared fully clothed.

Ignoring critics and negative perception around her, Barrymore then, during the same time, also appeared nude in her last five movies. Kept becoming a "naughty" adult girl, during a 1995 appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman," she shocked the normally unflappable host by climbing top his desk and flashing her breasts at him, as part of a dance for his birthday. Despite all the riots she caused, Barrymore has, in fact, been able to prove herself as a very profitable actress. It maybe because of her playful sex appeal that has undoubtedly helped her remains in the media spotlight from which she could earn much money.

Though she never finished her high school, Barrymore is very smart in calculating and using the every good chance to open a business. That's why she determined to produce several films, including the very successful "Charlie's Angels" movie adaptation and its sequel "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." To add, she also owns her own production company named Flower Films. While working on her behind the scene business, Barrymore kept improving her acting, playing in several light-hearted romantic comedies and began to play such more challenging roles, as the one she played in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" (2002). Preceding that challenging roles, in 2001 she played in and was also the executive producer of a film entitled "Donnie Darko." It is a nourish science fiction film and psychological thriller about a boy named Donnie Darko who, after narrowly escaping death, has visions of a giant bunny rabbit Frank who predicts when the world will end. Though very popular only among a particular group of people, this film somehow had become a starting point for Barrymore who ever since received more notice both as a serious actress and a savvy Hollywood player without losing her reputation as a sex symbol and occasional hell-raiser.

Spend most her time in acting, Barrymore was well known for her role in "Scream." It is a 1996 horror comedy film tells a teenage girl named Sydney, played by Neve Campbell, is approaching the anniversary of her mother's brutal rape and murder. At the same time two teenagers at her school, including Barrymore's role, have been eviscerated and killed. The next night, while at home alone, the killer, who calls his victims on the phone and taunts them before attacking, invades her house and attempts to kill her. He wears a Halloween costume reminiscent of the painting 'The Scream.' Barrymore was also known for the 1999 romantic drama "Never Been Kissed," and in the year of 2004 she was known for playing in "50 First Dates," a romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler as Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian in Hawaii and Barrymore herself as a beautiful blond named Lucy Withmore.

Adding more to her film resume, the actress was next seen in the 2005 comedy "Fever Pitch" before then involved herself in the 2006 traditionally-animated film version of the classic children's stories by H.A. and Margret Rey, "Curious George", which grossed a better-than-expected $58.3 million in the United States two months after being released. That's not all as Barrymore had some more for the year 2007, naming some were "Lucky You," "Music and Lyrics," and "Grey Gardens."

Acting aside, Barrymore once dated Eric Erlandson from the band Hole and was engaged to Jamie Walters for a brief period of time. She previously married to Jeremy Thomas on March 20, 1994 and got divorced on April 28 the same year, before then on July 7, 2001 married to Tom Green but split on October 15, 2002. In between times waiting for the divorce to be finalized, Barrymore was romantically linked to drummer Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, whom she reportedly engaged to in 2004. Sad to say the couple then broke up in January 2007, after nearly five years together. In September, the movie siren was all over the news after she was videotaped kissing her "He's Just Not That Into You" co-star Justin Long while having dinner at Izaka-Ya Restaurant at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, thus prompted speculation they are a hot new hookup.