The Bachelor Episode 17.01 Episode 1701
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The Bachelor Episode 17.01 Episode 1701

Episode Premiere
Jan 7, 2013
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 7, 2013
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
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How Lowe Can You Go: Sean Lowe had his heart broken when Emily gave that coveted final rose someone else. He leaves his Texas home to embark on another journey to find true love. Former rival Arie Luyendyk coaches him on the best way to kiss a girl. Hand usage is important and there should be very little tongue. It's solid advice. Sean won't be able to use any of it. He'll have 25 lovely ladies to sift through to find the love of his live as The Bachelor. Now, let's meet the Bachelorettes!

You Can Never Have Too Many Ashleys: It's true that you can never have too many Ashleys in one mansion. The first of three to arrive is AshLee F. She's followed by Jackie, who puts her mark on Sean thanks to a lipstick-heavy kiss on his cheek. Selma then pulls a tissue from the plunging center of her dress to wipe Sean's face clean. Grey's Anatomy fans take note, as the next to arrive is Leslie H, who refers to Sean as Mr. McSteamy.

50 Shades of Sean: Daniella does a series of handshakes and high-fives before heading inside. Kelly sings a little song, Katie teaches some yoga and the second Ashley of the night, Ashley P, pulls long necktie from her dress after revealing she's a fan of 50 Shades of Grey. There's some symbolism there. Taryn hasn't seen Sean on TV before, Catherine wants a dance inside and Robyn tries to back-flip her way into Sean's heart. Sadly, she doesn't stick the landing.

A Rosy Beginning: Lacey presents a heart made of lace. Paige of Bachelor Pad 3 fame is the next to arrive. Then Tierra shows an open heart tattoo on her finger. She's hoping Sean will complete it. The Bachelor leaves this lovely lady alone for a few moments to have a chat with Chris Harrison. He wants to give Tierra a rose right away. This is our first indication that Sean is playing by his own set of rules this time around. Tierra accepts the first rose of the season before even stepping into the mansion.

Take a Hike!: Amanda gets the "awkward pause" portion of a new relationship out of the way immediately. Keriann lets Sean know that she drove 2,775 miles for a shot with him. Desiree brings some pennies to make some wishes in the fountain. Sarah tells Sean that this is how she always imagined falling in love. Brooke says she's ready for a wild and crazy journey while Diana wants to call it a night with Sean right now. Lesley M admires the view from behind as she waits for Sean to hike a football. Score!

Kiss the Bride?: Kristy says she's bringing the best from the Midwest just before the third Ashley of the evening, Ashley H, arrives. Lauren says her dad will break Sean's legs if he breaks her heart. She's kidding. Kinda. Prankster Lindsay steps out of the limo in a wedding dress and lets Sean kiss the bride. There's one more bachelorette left. Sean is shocked to see that it's Kacie B from Ben's season. He's willing to explore things with Kacie now that he knows she has feelings for him.

Breaking all the Rules: Once again, Sean strays from the standard playbook to present a rose to a lady very early on. This time it's Desiree who gets to stay until at least next week. Then a few more ladies get a few more roses. Sean is dealing them out to anyone with great energy. This causes a lot of tension to those left roseless during the cocktail party.

A Sobering Thought: Lindsay wishes she were a little more sober as she dances with Sean and asks him for a kiss. She thinks she may have had better luck had she not worn that wedding dress. Ashley P also downs more than a few drinks before doing a solo dance throughout the mansion. She eventually weaves her way over to Sean, who thinks she's a total trip. Speaking of trips, Ashley takes a spill to land on her butt smack dab in the middle of the mansion.

Let's Get Comfortable: Sarah believes the fact that she has just one arm may be a reason why she's still single. She lets Sean know that she's open to talking about this. She doesn't want him to feel uncomfortable. It's obvious that's not the case, as Sean gives her a rose.

The Rose Ceremony: A dozen girls have roses in their hands before the ceremony even begins. There are seven of those no-so-thorny little beauties left. Those who receive roses the first night are:


AshLee F











Lesley M

Leslie H







That means Ashley H, Ashley P, Kelly, Keriann, Lauren and Paige are headed out the door. Ladies, we hardly knew ya!