The Bachelor Episode 15.06 Episode 6
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The Bachelor Episode 15.06 Episode 6

Episode Premiere
Feb 7, 2011
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Feb 7, 2011
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Brad and the eight remaining ladies are leaving Las Vegas and landing in Costa Rica!

Zip Gliding Away

Chantal gets the call for a one-on-one date. She's thrilled but Michelle's hoping she gets attacked by monkeys. Or apes. Michelle's not picky. Chantal is able to avoid a simian smackdown because she and Brad are flying through the jungle on the world's longest zip-line. They do see a monkey at the end of the adventure, but the little guy has enough class to turn the other way as Brad and Chantal kiss.

Blame It on the Rain

Brand and Chantal's outdoor dinner date is cut short by a downpour of rain. The only thing to do is retire to his room. A quick change of clothes has Chantal looking as hot as Brad's ever seen her after she pops on one of his dress shirts. They chat about their bump in the road in Vegas. Chantal says she's crazy about him and Brad gives her a rose.

The Fall Guy

Brad tells the six group date ladies that they'll be repelling down a waterfall. Michelle is upset. After their skyscraper date, she and Brad made a pact they would never repel down anything with anyone else. But she's completely giddy when she learns that Brad will be going down the waterfall WITH her. Of course, she does smack him around a bit before the descent.

Springs Fever

It's time to sink in to some Costa Rican hot springs. Brad pulls heights-fearing Jackie aside to say how proud he is of her about the waterfall descent. She appreciates the gesture, but would have liked if they'd gone down together. It's so hard to keep six repelling ladies happy. Brad gets some alone time with Emily, who admits that she sometimes sabotages relationships. Judging by the kiss she shares with Brad in the water, all indications are that she isn't doing so here.

You're Really Starting to Bug Me

Brad's alone time with Michelle is initially interrupted when they hear screams from afar. That's because Chantal was torturing Alli by giving her a close-up look at a big ugly bug. Back in the hot springs, Michelle lets it be known that she really didn't think Chantal would be getting a rose today. This group date doesn't end on a great note, so Brad opts to NOT hand out a rose. Fittingly, Michelle says she's "a little bit bugged."

Caving In

Alli gets a one-on-one date where she and Brad explore a cave that's over 40 million years old. Sure hope there aren't any ancient jungle bugs in there. There's actually a creepy spider on the cave wall, but a cool underground waterfall makes them forget all about the eight-legged little guy. A romantic toast at a natural stone area at a place known as "The Altar" is nice, but small talk at dinner has Brad thinking twice about his future with this lady. At the end of the date, Brad doesn't give out a rose and Alli heads home.

Mind Games

After a sad farewell to Alli, Brad craves a little downtime. He's not going to get it because Michelle invites herself into his room. After some smooching on the sofa, Michelle gives Brad the list of ladies who will be following Alli out the door. She'll be the last woman standing by his side. As they head into the cocktail party, the ladies can tell Brad has a lot on his mind.

The Cocktail Party

Brad has a nice chat with Emily. Shawntel suspects someone may have snuck off to chat with Brad. She plays the "silent game" with him. They can do anything but talk, so they kiss. Michelle eventually fesses up to visiting Brad in his room, but claims she doesn't run her mouth off about the other ladies. Uh huh. Judging by the stares Michelle's getting, we're pretty sure it won't be a problem if they run out of ice at this particular party. At least Chantal cheers up Brad by saying she loves him.

The Rose Ceremony

Alli is gone and Chantal is safe. There's still that extra rose from earlier, so only one lady will be leaving tonight. Brad gives roses to:






Jackie heads home and Brad lets the remaining ladies will be heading off on a Caribbean vacation to Anguilla!