Chloe Bailey Breaks Genre Boundaries, Defies the R'n'B Label
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The 25-year-old singer and actress has expressed her frustration with being constantly categorized as an R&B artist due to her race, highlighting the limited opportunities for black artists in certain genres.

AceShowbiz - Chloe Bailey rose to fame as one half of the duo Chloe x Halle in 2016. Following her solo debut in 2021, she has faced persistent categorization as an R&B singer. In a recent interview with Nylon, Bailey attributed this label to the color of her skin rather than her sound.

"Any music I do will easily and quickly be categorized as R&B because I'm a black woman," she explained. "If someone who didn't have my skin tone made the same music, it would be in the pop categories. That's just the way it's always been in life."

Bailey seeks inspiration from artists like Beyonce Knowles and Whitney Houston, who defied genre boundaries and achieved pop success. She particularly admired Beyonce's experimental album "Cowboy Carter", which highlighted the historical origins of country music in the black community.

Bailey is currently working on her sophomore album "Trouble in Paradise", which she describes as an amalgamation of Caribbean sounds, including "calypso, gospel, Afrobeats and Carnival band music." The album will explore themes of womanhood, celebration, and embracing the joys of life.

Bailey's frustration echoes that of other black artists, including SZA, who have also spoken out against the limiting effects of genre categorization based on race. Despite its rich history of black innovation, certain genres have traditionally excluded or marginalized black artists, perpetuating stereotypes and stifling creativity.

Despite these challenges, Bailey remains determined to push the boundaries of her artistry. She believes that music should transcend race and genre, embracing the limitless possibilities of expression. Her upcoming album promises to be a bold and eclectic statement of her unique artistic vision.

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