Gemma Collins Determined Not to Be 'Overweight Mum' as She Prepares for Motherhood

The former 'TOWIE' star opens up about her determination to lose weight in preparation for motherhood, despite facing challenges with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

AceShowbiz - Gemma Collins has openly discussed her fertility struggles and weight loss journey as she plans a family with her fiance, Rami Hawash. The 43-year-old reality star was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can affect a woman's ability to get pregnant.

Despite PCOS not having a cure, Gemma claims to have reversed her condition through dietary changes with the help of a dietician. She has shed considerable weight, dropping from a size 26 to 20, and is now looking forward to starting a family with Rami.

"I don't want to be an overweight mum," Gemma said. "Nothing against overweight mums at all, but I want to run and play with my kid. I want to have as much energy for my child as possible and to be the best version of myself for my child."

Gemma's diet guru Steve Bennett explained that "with PCOS, the number one cause is a dysregulation of sugar." By following a diet that emphasizes fiber intake, Gemma has been able to regulate her sugar levels, potentially reversing her PCOS.

Since working with Steve, Gemma claims, "I no longer have [PCOS], so I'm a step closer to having a baby." She is hopeful that she can conceive naturally, despite having suffered three miscarriages in the past.

Despite being targeted by online trolls over her weight for years, Gemma has remained resilient and continues to prioritize her health and fitness. She has found a diet plan that suits her lifestyle and is focused on adding to her diet rather than restricting it.

Gemma's health journey serves as a reminder that weight loss can be important for those with fertility issues. While there is no guarantee of successful conception, making healthy lifestyle choices can increase the chances of achieving motherhood. Gemma's determination and optimism are an inspiration to others who may face similar challenges.

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