The Game Sparks Debate With 'Way Too Intimate' Pictures of Him and His Teenage Daughter

The 'Hate It or Love It' rapper gets called out by many social users after sharing pictures of him and his teenage daughter California Dream Taylor, which many deemed 'way too intimate.'

AceShowbiz - The Game has never been a stranger to controversy, and his recent social media posts have only added fuel to the fire. The "Hate It or Love It" rapper sparked debate after sharing pictures of him and his teenage daughter California Dream Taylor, which many deemed "way too intimate."

In one of the said snaps, which seemingly have been taken down, the 44-year-old could be seen planting a sweet kiss on his daughter's cheeck. Another image showed the emcee lifting up the teenager's legs on his lap.

The post didn't sit well with many social media users. One in particular argued, "The age and developmental stage of the young lady is what makes it uncomfortable ! Let's be real." Another penned, "I'm a major girl dad but these are a no at that age. Way too intimate." A third commented, "Too much in her personal space he poses as if she's his woman."

Someone else chimed in, "He acts weird with her... Yes, I had a dad and we're close and I sit on my dad's lap and give jm kisses. I don't have trauma around that, BUT fe is sometimes too much with her.. Almost like some moms can get with their sons." The other person opined, "He never show his sons. He acts as if she's his only child. Cet off that girl, sha's too big for that now."

The Game has yet to respond to the criticism. However, some fans have come to his defense. "You can tell the girls who didn't have Dads in their lives it's sad it's absolutely nothing wrong with these pictures," one user commented, while a different individual fumed, "Yal sexualize everything and it shows. A father should hug cuddle a daughter at any age as if she were a new born men protect their daughters at all cost!"

One more person penned, "The most cringy thing is how people are trying to sexualize the game and his daughter cause of how they interact…if your father never hugged your show you love just say that but stopppp it lol." A fourth echoed the sentiment, "The fact they tryna sexualize THE GAME & his daughters relationship is WIERD! cause huh?" Another chimed in, "U a weird mf if u think the game & daughter pictures are weird."

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