Chrissy Teigen Fears Trump's Revenge, Stays Politically Active

Chrissy Teigen expresses concern over Donald Trump's potential retaliation if he returns to the White House, citing her past social media criticism of the former President.

AceShowbiz - Chrissy Teigen acknowledges her fears that Donald Trump might seek retribution against her if he were to regain the presidency. She specifically points to her past criticism of Trump on Twitter, including her 2019 description of him as a "p***y a** b***." Teigen described Trump's attempt to have the tweet removed as "a career highlight."

Despite her apprehensions, Teigen remains resolute in her political activism alongside her husband, John Legend. Together, they plan to support President Biden and remain vocal during the upcoming election cycle.

While Teigen acknowledges the potential impact of her outspokenness on her brand relationships, she insists that she will not compromise her beliefs. She praises grocery stores, who are traditionally wary of controversy, for associating with her, despite her social activism. Legend, who is a coach on "The Voice," is also aware of the potential consequences of his political stance but remains unaffected.

Teigen emphasizes the importance of individuals using their platforms to speak out on social issues, commending beauty influencers like Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid for their advocacy in the Middle East conflict.

Regarding social media, Teigen states that she has abandoned all platforms except Instagram, reflecting fondly on her days on Twitter as a euphoric period but acknowledging the negative experiences she faced in 2021, including cyberbullying accusations and severed partnerships.

Despite past controversies, Teigen and Legend continue their affiliation with multiple brands, including Loved01, Cravings, and Kismet.

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