Donald Trump's VP Hunt Likened to 'The Apprentice' on Steroids'
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The 50th POTUS is said to be nearing a decision on his 2024 running mate and narrowing it down to three finalists, prioritizing television appearance over experience and qualifications.

AceShowbiz - As Donald Trump's search for a vice presidential running mate intensifies, CNN's Marc Caputo reports that Trump's primary criteria is for someone who presents well on television. He described Trump's VP hunt as " 'The Apprentice' on steroids."

Caputo's findings align with those of The New York Times, identifying the top three finalists as Senator Marco Rubio, Senator J.D. Vance and Governor Doug Burgum. Based on their media presence, Burgum has made the most appearances as a Trump surrogate, while Vance and Rubio trail behind.

According to Caputo, Trump's motivations for prioritizing a candidate's television performance stem from his belief that the VP should "defend and prosecute [his] case the best." However, Caputo acknowledges that Trump's decision-making process is opaque, leaving uncertainties about his true opinions on the candidates.

Regarding J.D. Vance, Caputo notes that his Rust Belt state representation and youthful appearance could be both advantages and potential drawbacks. Caputo also cited MAGA supporters' positive reactions to Vance's physical attributes, including his eyelashes and blue eyes. However, Caputo mentioned concerns about Vance's perceived lack of maturity based on his appearance.

Governor Burgum has a "buddy-buddy" relationship with Trump and is closer to Trump's age at 67, but he lacks the same level of vetting and name recognition as the other finalists.

Rubio remains a more standoffish figure, having raised concerns among far-right conservatives due to his past work on immigration reforms. However, he is seen as a potential asset in states like Arizona and Nevada, and his bilingual skills might appeal to Latino voters.

Trump has indicated that he may announce his VP pick at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee next month. The vetting process is ongoing, with several senators and representatives exchanging varying degrees of paperwork.

In a separate interview, Trump also revealed that he is considering endorsing Republican former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in his Senate race.

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