Christina Applegate Battling 'Fatalistic' Depression Amid MS Struggle: I Don't Enjoy Living Anymore
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The 'Dead to Me' actress opens up about the dark reality of living with multiple sclerosis, shedding light on a battle that has engulfed her in darkness and despair.

AceShowbiz - Christina Applegate, known for her role in the Netflix comedy "Dead to Me," has candidly discussed her ongoing struggles with multiple sclerosis (MS). Applegate, 52, revealed in an episode of her "MeSsy" podcast that she is currently experiencing a "real depression" that she hasn't felt in years. This depression is so severe that it feels "really fatalistic," leaving her trapped in a darkness she hasn't experienced in over two decades.

"This is being really honest ... I don't enjoy living," she admitted. "I don't enjoy it. I don't enjoy things anymore." These sentiments reflect a profound loss of joy and passion for life, something that her co-host, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who has also been battling MS for over 20 years, can deeply empathize with.

Despite the standing ovation she received when she made a surprise appearance at the 2024 Emmy Awards, Applegate described the experience as "the hardest day of my life." She added that she spent the next two days sleeping to recover from the event. Her transparency about these struggles offers a raw and unfiltered look into the life of someone battling a debilitating condition like MS.

Applegate also shared her fears about resuming therapy. "I'm so afraid for those floodgates to open and that I won't be able to stop," she explained. This fear has kept her from seeking the emotional support that therapy could offer, highlighting another aspect of her struggle with MS.

Sigler, in a poignant moment, encouraged Applegate to find acceptance and not give up. "Once we get you to this place where we're accepting that this is how it's going to be, maybe forever… [living with MS] is not a reason enough for you to stop living," Sigler said. She urged her friend to see the value she still brings to the lives of those around her.

In her first lengthy interview since her diagnosis, Applegate described living in "hell" due to the disease. The pain and lack of energy have led her to spend much of her time alone, lying in a dark room, wanting everything to go away. This has significantly impacted not just her career but her day-to-day life as well.

Applegate's openness about her condition serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by those living with MS. It also underscores the importance of seeking support and remaining hopeful, even in the darkest of times. Her journey resonates with many, offering a message of resilience and the need to confront one's fears head-on.

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