Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 8' Hits Roadblock Due to $29M Submarine Malfunction
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Tom Cruise's much-anticipated return as Ethan Hunt, 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part Two', hits another snag as major technical malfunctions occured, leaving fans in suspense.

AceShowbiz - In a report that has left fans holding their breath, the new installment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise featuring Tom Cruise has hit another major production setback. The issue stems from a malfunction with a $29 million submarine prop, which has thrown the entire production schedule into disarray.

The problem emerged when the gimbal, a crucial device used to lower the 120-foot-high structure, jammed under its considerable weight. The failure required immediate repairs, pushing the filming schedule back by weeks and inflating the movie's already burgeoning budget.

"They're not happy as it puts production behind, which costs a lot of money per day," a source told The Mirror. The setbacks are adding significant stress on Tom Cruise and the rest of the team as the movie was already rescheduled to release in May 2025 due to earlier delays.

This technical glitch is not an isolated incident. According to reports, the seventh film in the series, "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, Part One" also suffered from multiple production difficulties.

Cruise has been known for his intense involvement on set, often leading to a tense working environment. As noted, "Tom is pushing the completion to the absolute limit in terms of deadlines and scheduling, and it's nerve-racking for everybody, especially on the business side."

Despite the disruptions, Cruise remains committed to his role as Ethan Hunt, an iconic character he has portrayed since 1996. The franchise has been a consistent hit since its inception, drawing in audiences with its high-octane action sequences and intricate plots.

Meanwhile, Cruise is also gearing up for another venture back into the world of "Top Gun". Following the massive success of "Top Gun: Maverick", which grossed nearly $1.5 billion at the box office, the Hollywood star is set to produce and star in its sequel. The actor hopes to reunite with his recent co-stars, Miles Teller and Glen Powell, for this high-flying adventure.

Filming for the new "Mission: Impossible" has largely taken place in the UK at Longcross Studios, where Cruise has been frequently spotted in character. As fans await the new release date, anticipation remains high for what promises to be another thrilling addition to the franchise. But with the current unpredictability surrounding its production, the film's road to the silver screen continues to be as perilous as the missions it depicts.

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