'All American' Season 6 Extended, Seventh Season Renewal Possible
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In an unprecedented move during a strike-impacted season, CW's 'All American' gets a two-episode increase, promising a deeper dive into its beloved characters' lives as they face major transitions.

AceShowbiz - In a rare move during the current strike-impacted broadcast season, The CW's flagship drama "All American" has extended its current sixth season from 13 to 15 episodes. The extension aims to provide more time for character development and build toward a satisfying conclusion.

The show's sixth season, which picks up over a year after the end of Season 5, brings significant life changes for the characters, particularly series protagonist Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), who is preparing for the NFL draft.

The additional episodes would give fans a longer glimpse into this transitional period and allow the showrunners to wrap Spencer's journey over the past six seasons.

The potential for a seventh season remains uncertain, but the show's success and the introduction of a new generation of characters could make it a viable option.

The CW's transformation under new owners Nexstar has raised questions about the fate of its remaining dramas. While "Superman & Lois" is set to end after its upcoming fourth season, "All American", "All American: Homecoming" and "Walker" remain in play.

However, the network's shift towards lower-cost scripted series and the acquisition of international programming has made it more challenging to sustain these expensive U.S.-produced dramas. The CW is reportedly paying between $500,000 and $1.5 million per episode for its remaining pre-Nexstar dramas, with "Walker" and "All American: Homecoming" being closer to the lower end.

Despite the financial hurdles, "All American" remains a strong performer for the CW. Its more generous license fee and creative direction towards a complete story may make a potential seventh season economically feasible.

On the other hand, "All American: Homecoming" and "Walker" face uncertain futures. "Homecoming", which underwent significant budget cuts last year, may have less than a 50-50 chance of renewal. "Walker", while the most-watched show on the CW, has a low license fee that may make it difficult for CBS Studios to continue producing it for the network.

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