Offset Caught on Camera Having Altercation With Partygoer at Club

The Migos star apparently doesn't appreciate being showered with cash as the rapper is seen heatedly reacting to an individual who threw money at him at a night club.

AceShowbiz - Offset has been making an effort to present himself in a positive light, engaging in charitable activities such as handing out groceries in Baltimore and meeting with students in Detroit. However, Offset's cordial public image took a contrasting turn this weekend when he found himself embroiled in an onstage altercation.

In a video circulating online, Offset is seen exiting the stage at a club when someone in the crowd showers him with cash. Offset quickly turns around and aggresively approaches the person who threw the money, seemingly attempting to confront them.

Luckily, security intervened to prevent the situation from escalating further. As both parties refused to back down, Offset and the unidentified individual engaged in a money-throwing exchange before being told to "relax."

This incident has sparked widespread speculation on social media, with many questioning the motives behind the altercation. The consensus points to the possibility that Offset perceived the act of throwing cash as an insult or suggestion that he's broke, prompting his heated reaction.

Despite his recent efforts to demonstrate his cordial side, it remains clear that Offset will not tolerate disrespect.

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