'The Blair Witch Project' Gets Reboot

As part of a multi-picture deal with Lionsgate, Jason Blum, known for multiple horror franchises, is set to bring back the 1999 classic scary movie about the disappearance of student filmmakers in the woods.

AceShowbiz - Horror maestro Jason Blum, known for hits like "Paranormal Activity" and "M3GAN," is reviving "The Blair Witch Project" for Lionsgate as part of a multi-picture agreement to reimagine horror classics from the Lionsgate library.

The original "Blair Witch Project," released in 1999, became a sleeper hit and redefined horror movies with its found footage format. The film, which followed the disappearance of three student filmmakers in the woods, grossed $248 million at the box office.

The reboot will be the first film in this new partnership between Blumhouse and Lionsgate. Plot details are yet to be revealed, but Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Adam Fogelson describes it as "a new vision for Blair Witch that will reintroduce this horror classic for a new generation."

Blum, a self-professed admirer of the original film, said, "I don't think there would have been a 'Paranormal Activity' had there not first been a 'Blair Witch,' so this feels like a truly special opportunity."

Lionsgate has a longstanding relationship with the franchise, even operating a Blair Witch-themed escape room in Las Vegas. The company has also produced two sequels to the original film: "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" (2000) and "Blair Witch" (2016).

The reboot will be produced by Roy Lee, who produced the 2016 "Blair Witch" film. Blumhouse, known for its low-budget approach to horror, will likely continue that tradition with this reboot.

The announcement of the "Blair Witch Project" reboot comes at a time when horror franchises are enjoying a resurgence. Blumhouse itself has been behind recent hits like "The Black Phone" and "It Follows," both of which have landed sequels. Additionally, "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" are also receiving new franchise installments.

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