Kristen Doute's 'Painful' 'VPR' Firing Brought Up on 'The Valley' Amid Tense Argument
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In a new episode of the series, Michelle Lally and Janet Caperna confront the 'Vanderpump Rules' alum for allegedly saying that Janet thought Michelle was a racist Republican.

AceShowbiz - Kristen Doute was forced to revisit her "painful" "Vanderpump Rules" firing in a new episode of "The Valley". In the Tuesday, April 2 episode, Michelle Lally and Janet Caperna confronted Kristen for allegedly saying that Janet thought Michelle was a racist Republican.

"That's complete bulls**t," Janet told Michelle about the claims during a FaceTime. According to Michelle, Kristen "snapped" after finding out that Jax Taylor invited her ex-boyfriend Alex Menache to boys' night with her current boyfriend Luke Broderick.

Later during a coffee outing, Brittany Cartwright confronted Kristen, who insisted that she was justrepeating the comments she heard from Zack Wickham. "Me of all, people? You think this is a topic I want to talk about ever?" Kristen said. She insisted during a confessional that she only repeated something that "was told to me, something that Janet said."

Kristen then decided to call Zack in order to confirm the allegations. "The Republican thing was said, but that does not mean racism and I never said that," Zack told her, adding that those comments were made "behind the scenes." Zack also blasted Kristen for not being able to "keep a secret to save her life."

The cast members eventually talked about the allegations when they gathered at Michelle's Capri-themed dinner party. Janet claimed that she never said she thought Michelle was racist, while Kristen said that she heard it from Zack who denied it.

Despite the denial, Kristen insisted that she didn't make the rumor up and that she heard it from Zack. At one point, Jesse Lally brought up Kristen being fired from "Vanderpump Rules" for being "an actual racist," referring to Kristen calling police on Faith Stowers, a black cast member, and accusing her of a crime she didn't commit.

"He's just trying to ruin my name by bringing up the most painful thing that I've ever done," Kristen said. Calling her exit "the hardest time of my life thus far," Kristen added, "I'm not proud of what I did and I'm sorry that I've hurt people, but I've learned from my mistakes."

She continued, "People finally gave me a chance again and now it's like, brought up all over again and now I'm going to have to relive it again. I hope that my whole life doesn't fall apart again."

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