Dakota Johnson Won't 'Do Anything' Like 'Madame Web' Again After Box Office Bomb
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The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actress is done with big-budgeted superhero movie and vows to never return to the genre after her Sony-Marvel film flopped on Box Office.

AceShowbiz - Dakota Johnson has candidly shared her experiences in the film industry, particularly her views on working in big-budget productions. Despite her role in the popular "Fifty Shades of Grey" franchise, Johnson reveals that she has no plans to return to such large-scale projects in the near future.

"I probably will never do anything like that again because I don't make sense in that world," Johnson stated. She acknowledges that taking on such projects often involves signing on to one thing and ending up with something entirely different during production.

Johnson's aversion to big-budget films was reinforced by her experience in "Madame Web", a Sony movie based on Marvel's Spider-Man universe. The film received negative reviews from critics and audiences, leaving Johnson unsurprised.

"You cannot make art based on numbers and algorithms," she explained. "Audiences are extremely smart, and they can sniff out bulls***."

Despite the poor reception, Johnson acknowledges that "Madame Web" was a learning experience for her. "I had never done anything like it before. But it was a real learning experience," she said.

While Johnson is not a fan of big-budget films, she has always been honest about her projects, regardless of their scale. She famously expressed her dissatisfaction with her cameo in "The Office" series finale, calling it "the worst time of my life."

However, Johnson's candor has not stopped her from taking on ambitious roles. In "Madame Web," she played Cassandra Webb, a clairvoyant superhero. The film also starred Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Emma Roberts.

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