Paris Hilton Wishes She Could Have the Experience of 'Growing Baby' Inside Her Belly

The 'Paris in Love' star talks about the struggle to have her children via surrogate instead of carrying the baby herself after she welcomed a son and daughter.

AceShowbiz - Paris Hilton struggled to to turn to a surrogate. The 42-year-old star welcomed two children - Phoenix, ten months, and London, who was born in November - via a surrogate, and Paris admits that it was a tough decision for her to make.

"Surrogacy was a difficult decision to make. I would have loved that experience of growing the baby in your tummy and feeling the kicks and all of those exciting moments, but my life has just been so public. So even though the baby is biologically mine and Carter's, we decided to have a surrogate carry him," the blonde beauty - who married Carter Reum in 2022 - said on "Paris In Love".

Carter, 42, wants his children to have a "normal" childhood. However, he's also aware that they need to make the safety of their children their number one priority. He explained, "Now having a family with Paris, we want our family to grow up and be normal and not always be known as Paris Hilton's children."

"We have to think about safety. When we go to the farmer's market, it's one thing if someone stops and asks Paris for a photo. It's a whole other thing with the baby in tow in a stroller."

Meanwhile, Paris recently admitted that she feels "complete" after welcoming a baby girl. The heiress told the "TODAY" show, "She is just a little angel and my life just feels so complete with my little baby boy and my baby girl. We're just over the moon."

Paris actually announced the arrival of her daughter via a social media post. Alongside a photo of some baby clothes, Paris wrote on Instagram, "Thankful for my baby girl [tears, heart and baby emojis] (sic)."

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