'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' Unveils Sneak Peek at Premiere Episode at NYCC

Disney+ also unleashes new character posters of the star-studded cast, including late actor Lance Reddick (Zeus), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hermes) and Megan Mullally (Alecto) among others.

AceShowbiz - "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" further builds up the anticipation for its upcoming premiere. Fans attending the forthcoming Disney+ show's panel at New York Comic-Con on Sunday, October 15 were treated to a sneak peek at the series as well as a special appearance of its creator Rick Riordan.

The clip, which showed the first seven minutes of the premiere episode of the live action TV series based on the beloved book series by Rick, was presented by co-creator Jon Steinberg, executive producer Dan Shotz, director James Bobin as well as a handful of other staff members. The footage, which one fan described as "nervous breakdown spectacular," featured Percy's story back to second grade.

It also had a harrowing chase sequence where Percy, his mother Sally and friend Grover tried to outrun the Minotaur. The audience, who mostly donned orange and black Camp Half-Blood T-shirts, couldn't help but cheer inside the mammoth exhibition hall at Manhattan's Javits Center following the revelation.

Not stopping there, fans were surprised when Rick appeared on stage at the last minute to join the panelists as he was not on the speakers' list. "Let's go to Camp Half-Blood and play capture the flag," Rick, who brought along his wife Becky Riordan, told the audience.

Disney+ also unveiled new character posters of the star-studded cast. The images featured late actor Lance Reddick's Zeus, Toby Stephens' Poseidon, Jay Duplass' Hades, Adam Copeland's Ares, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hermes and Megan Mullally's Alecto a.k.a Mrs. Dodds. They will join the leading trio, Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth, and Aryan Simhadri as Grover.

Centering on a boy who learns he is the half-human son of the sea god Poseidon, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" is set to premiere on December 20 on Disney+.

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