Artist of the Week: Offset

The former Migos member makes an impactful return as his new single 'Jealousy', which is a collaboration with his wife Cardi B, hits the top spot on Billboard weekly ranking.

AceShowbiz - Offset, known for his high-energy performances and catchy lyrics, has recently dropped his latest single titled "Jealousy." The track, released on July 26, is a collaboration with his wife, Cardi B, and marks the couple's eighth joint effort.

One of the first notable aspects of "Jealousy" is its music video, featuring the iconic actress Jamie Lee Curtis. This unexpected pairing adds an extra layer of excitement for fans, as they are eagerly awaiting the release of the visual spectacle.

Offset said he tried not to collaborate with Cardi too often, but when they did meet in a song, it's explosive and "Jealousy" is a testament to that. In the song, Cardi B brings her trademark fiery and unapologetic style to the table. The lyrics include a sharp and foul-mouthed diss aimed at YouTuber Tasha K, showcasing Cardi's fearless approach to addressing controversies head-on.

"Jealousy" has been causing quite a stir in the music industry, with rapid success upon its release. The single quickly soared to the top of Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart, debuting at an impressive No. 1. This achievement reflects the immense popularity of both Offset and Cardi B as individuals and as a couple.

Furthermore, the song has also made a significant impact on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. "Jealousy" broke into the top 30, reaching the No. 26 spot. This success signals the widespread appeal of the track among fans of the genre, cementing Offset's position as a respected and influential figure in the hip-hop industry.

With its infectious beats and powerful lyrics, "Jealousy" easily becomes a new favorite on fans' playlists. Offset's dynamic style and his collaboration with Cardi B have proven to be a winning combination time and again. As they continue to create music together, fans eagerly anticipate what the power couple will deliver next.

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