'The Bachelorette' Recap: One Man Makes Surprise Return During Fantasy Suite Week

In a new episode, leading lady Charity Lawson and her three remaining suitors, Xavier, Dotun and Joey, fly to Fiji for Fantasy Suite week following Hometown Dates last week.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" brought fans to Fiji in its new episode on Monday, August 7. Leading lady Charity Lawson and her remaining suitors flew to the beautiful country for Fantasy Suite week following Hometown Dates last week.

Before she went on dates with Xavier, Dotun and Joey, Charity opened up about her feelings after eliminating Aaron. She told host Jesse Palmer that her decision was still weighing on her, though she hoped that she would feel more confident in her final three contestants after spending time uninterrupted with them.

She first had a one-on-one date with Xavier. Charity met him on a private island, where they'll be spending time together. The two were each whisked away to prepare for a traditional Fijian wedding ceremony. At one point, Xavier told Charity that the idea of a future together in such a serious way begins to weigh on him. After hearing that, Charity couldn't help but worry whether or not they should continue their relationship. Meanwhile, Aaron was planning a surprise return.

Back to Charity's date with Xavier, they had a candlelit dinner before heading to the Fantasy Suite. They had an honest talk in which Xavier admitted that the idea of "forever" had been "troubling" him. Charity initially wanted to help Xavier erase the doubt, until she found out that he was unfaithful in a past relationship.

Charity was upset and walked away during their dinner. She's also mad that Xavier only told her about the big red flag two weeks before the proposal. When she returned to the table, she told Xavier that infidelity was a sore subject. After Xavier promised that he wouldn't cheat on her, Charity said that his love should be firm enough that he would never consider cheating on her and Xavier assured her that he's in that place now. Charity appeared to be content with that.

Before she offered him the fantasy suite card, she asked him if he's actually committed to her. Xavier said that he had no doubt in his heart, but he still had doubts in his mind about whether this relationship is for him. He told her that he needed "to see more" from Charity tonight during fantasy suites in order to make a final decision.

It was the last straw for Charity. She told Xavier that there wouldn't be a Fantasy Suite date for him and sent him home.

The next morning, Charity was set to have an overnight date with Joey. Charity couldn't stop thinking about what Joey's uncle told her during Hometown Date, even though Joey assured her that he's been nothing but honest with her.

For their date, Charity and Joey explored the island in an ATV. The ATV, however, stalled in the middle of the field, forcing them to complete the trek on foot to a small waterfall.

During their talk, Joey said that he's been nervous since Hometowns. Charity told Joey about the conversation with his uncle, and Joey admitted he did feel a bit uncomfortable on the tennis courts because he felt pressure to make sure Charity was having a good time in his hometown. Charity understood Joey's feelings and they shared a kiss by the waterfall.

Later that night, the pair enjoyed a romantic dinner. Joey shared that he was worried that she might fall out of love with him once she gets to know him better. Charity said that she found a lot of Joey's concerns relatable before telling him that she's in love with him. She invited him to the Fantasy Suite.

For the last date, Charity met Dotun on the beach. They kicked off their date by hopping on some jet skis before heading to a sandbar, where they talked over a bottle of champagne. It was a loving conversation as Charity noted in confessional that there hadn't been any red flags with Dotun.

At dinner, Dotun told Charity that he didn't feel scared to propose to her, and he admitted wholeheartedly that he's in love with her. She said that she felt the same for him. They then headed to the Fantasy Suite.

Ahead of the Final Rose Ceremony, Aaron made a surprise appearance. Charity, however, wasn't made to see him back and she's excited instead. Fans need to stay tuned for next week's episode how Aaron's return affects everything.

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