'The Bachelorette' Recap: Charity Faces 'Shocking Twists' Ahead of Hometown Dates

The new episode of the long-running ABC dating competition series features 'unexpected dates and shocking twists' as Hometown Dates are around the corner.

AceShowbiz - Leading lady Charity Lawson experienced "unexpected dates and shocking twists" in a new episode of "The Bachelorette". Airing on Monday, July 24, the new outing featured more tension and drama as Hometown Dates are around the corner.

The episode kicked off with Charity and her men spending time in New Orleans. There were six men left and only four of them would be given a chance to meet her family in Hometown Dates.

Charity met the men at a cafe as they were all excited to meet her. Aaron B, who lived in New Orleans for seven years, hoped that he would get a one-on-date date with Charity. However, the one-on-date date went to Joey.

For the date, the pair enjoyed some Louisiana cuisine. They also visited a fortune teller, who told them that they are a good match. They later continued exploring through the city, listening to music, dancing and kissing. At one point, they sat down with a guy who writes poetry on the spot. Late in the day, they sat down for dinner where they admitted that they had a natural and easy connection to each other.

Charity then asked Joey how he felt to be in an interracial relationship. He claimed that he wanted to listen and learn. Joey also noted that he wanted his kids, adding that his family would be happy as long as he's happy. Charity loved his response so she gave the rose.

A group date card arrived for the men, this one was for Sean and Tanner. Tanner felt he was overlooked despite noting that his feelings for Charity were real. As for Sean, he claimed that he hadn't felt for anyone in a long time like Charity.

When Charity met the guys, she told them she wanted to embrace the day and have a good time, not focus on negativity. They got in a boat and headed out in Cajun Swamp boat tours. During the date, Sean was more vocal than Tanner.

Later during the date, the trio ate crawfish. As Charity gained momentum with Sean, Tanner didn't feel great. They continued the date by having dinner together. She asked Tanner to walk away so she could talk alone with Sean. He told her that he wanted the opportunity to meet his family, feel the love and support from them.

As for Tanner, he noticed that Sean and Charity made a connection, but he kept super hopeful. During his one-on-one time with Charity, Tanner opened up to Charity that he has had his guard up, mostly because of past relationships. Charity found it relatable.

Charity was torn to pick only one of the men. After much consideration, Charity decided to keep them both and wait until the Rose Ceremony to make her decision.

Charity then had a one-on-one date with Dotun. It upset Aaron B as he didn't understand why she didn't choose him. For their date, Charity and Dotun participated in a race and both were wearing tutus. The pair then met a man who has been married for 58 years. After finishing the race, they chatted for a while and they agreed that they were feeling good even though it was such a long day.

Sean then visited Charity's room because he wanted to know where he stood. He pointed out that he hadn't had a one-on-one date nor the validation that he is going to get a rose at the Rose Ceremony. Charity felt sorry as she told him that she couldn't give what he wanted and she's very fearful of not getting there. Sean was heartbroken as Charity walked him out.

For the last date in New Orleans with Tanner, Xavier and Aaron B., they fully enjoyed their time together. She had two roses, meaning that one of them would be eliminated. She then took Aaron B. to the side to have a chat with him first. He told Charity that he felt in a low spot as he witnessed all the men had their chance with her.

When she sat with Tanner, he said that it's funny that his first one on one with her could be a hometown date. Charity then chatted with Xavier, who said that he wanted to fall in love with Charity but that hadn't happened yet. He confessed that he didn't know if he could truly commit all himself to one person. He also said that he wondered if Charity was the one for her.

It was time for Charity to give out the roses on the Rose Ceremony. She gave the first rose to Aaron B., who called it the biggest moment so far. As for the last rose, Charity didn't want to give that out right away as she wanted to see them later in the evening.

Charity met Tanner first and she told him it wouldn't be fair to keep him because they didn't have time together to make a strong connection. She eventually sent him home. When it's his turn, Xavier knew how he felt about them and he wanted her to meet his parents. She picked up the rose and presented it to Xavier because she wanted to meet his family.

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