'The Bachelorette' Recap: Charity Bids Farewell to One Man After Hometown Dates

The new episode of the long-running dating series sees the leading lady traveling across the country to meet the families of her remaining men, Aaron, Joey, Dotun and Xavier.

AceShowbiz - It's Hometown's week in the new episode of "The Bachelorette". The new outing, which aired on Monday, July 31, saw leading lady Charity Lawson traveling across the country to meet the families of her remaining men, Aaron, Joey, Dotun and Xavier.

Charity kicked the Hometown Dates by heading to Houston to meet Aaron's family, including his mom, dad, his older brother Edward, his little brother Erick and his sister-in-law Audrey. During dinner, they talked about Aaron and Charity's journey so far and Erick noticed that his brother really cared about Charity.

Charity then had a chat with Aaron's mom Ethel, who told her that she wanted her son to be happy and find someone who loves him. Ethel asked Charity what would be her answer if Aaron asked her to marry him today. Charity said she would probably say no because she wanted to be at a place when she says yes to her person, it is forever. She also sat down with Aaron's dad. His dad said he couldn't believe his son would do this, but he trusted Aaron.

Aaron later took Charity to the football field, where he has spent a lot of his life. He brought music and danced with her. At one point, he told her that he's falling in love with her.

Next, Charity was in Collegeville, Pennsylvania to meet Joey's family. Joey told her that he's falling in love with her. She's also going to tell him that she is falling in love with him too if things went well. Joey brought Charity for her first tennis lesson as tennis is a big part of his life. Joey's uncle Joe surprisingly showed up and while they were having fun, Joe noticed that something was off with Joey.

When they arrived at Joey's house, Charity met Joey's mom Cathy, his dad Nick, his uncle Joe again, his sisters Carly and Ellie, as well as his brother-in-law Zach. Joey talked with his mom, who asked him what made his and Charity's relationship different, and Joey said he could be himself around Charity. When his mom said that she's afraid he would get heartbroken, Joey told her that he didn't doubt Charity.

Joey then talked with Joe to ask for his opinion. Joe told Joey that on the tennis court, Joey looked nervous and didn't seem comfortable. He's afraid that Joey was portraying someone that Charity wanted instead of being himself. Charity also had a chat with Joe, who told her that Joey is going to be an amazing husband and dad even though he didn't know if Joey's ready. Joe then told Charity about his observation on the tennis court and he asked her to be careful with Joey's heart.

When Joey and Charity spent time together, Charity didn't tell him that she's falling in love with him. After Charity left, Joey admitted that he felt uncomfortable vibes when they were chatting.

For the next Hometown Date, Charity went to Cleveland, Ohio to meet Xavier's family. He took her to a knitting lab since he likes to knit to calm himself. Charity loved the experience and was happy to see Xavier in his element.

The two then went to his place where Charity met Xavier's mom Tracey and his sister Chelsea. Chelsea revealed that Xavier's ready to settle down and find his person. Tracey echoed the sentiment as she told Charity that her son wanted to be married and have his own family. Xavier's dad Clarence, meanwhile, could see that his son felt for Charity a lot, though he wasn't sure if it's love.

When Charity and Xavier went outside and sat down, he told her that he is falling in love with her and she's smitten. Charity also said that Xavier could be her person.

For the last Hometown Date stop, Charity visited Fresno, California, where she met Dotun and his family. She only met Dotun's siblings and his grandmother because his parents were in Nigeria at the time. His grandmother, Temitayo, believed that Dotun and Charity were bonded in heaven. When they had a meal outside, Dotun's parents surprisingly walked in.

Dotun's mom Adenike said she could see the connection between her son and Charity. Adenike asked him if he's in love with Charity, and he said he's definitely falling for her. His brother, meanwhile, convinced Charity that Dotun's a good guy, down to earth. During her chat with Adenike, Charity said that Dotun is really special to her. Adenike also told Charity that she would embrace her if she became her daughter-in-law.

Later, Dotun took Charity for a ride to the drive-in movie. On the screen, photos of the two of them growing up, even home videos, came up. Charity had the best time in her life.

Back to Los Angeles, Charity told host Jesse Palmer that she had an incredible Hometown Week. Unfortunately, she had to bid farewell to one of the men during the Rose Ceremony. She gave the first rose to Dotun. She later presented the other roses to Xavier and Joey, meaning that Aaron was sent home.

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