'Sex and the City' Author Only Paid $60K Despite the Story Becoming Multi-Million Dollar Franchise
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Candace Bushnell claims she was pushed into a bad deal that made her earn only $60,000 when the rights to her book series were sold to HBO and it was turned into a successful franchise.

AceShowbiz - Candace Bushnell did not receive "the royalties she deserved" for "Sex and the City". The 64-year-old author penned a column for The New York Observer that was adapted into the bestselling "Sex and the City" anthology but, when the book series was sold to HBO for what became a multi-million dollar franchise that consisted of six seasons and two movies starring Sarah Jessica Parker, she is thought to have been paid just $60,000 for the rights.

"I did not get the royalties I deserved. I knew it wasn't a good deal. I was really pushed into it for a variety of reasons. Even my father, who has passed away, said 10 to 15 years ago, 'I wish you'd participated more fully in its economic success,' " she told The Sunday Mirror newspaper.

Candace is hoping that the show's spin-off "And Just Like That..." - which recently returned for season two - will continue to run "because she gets paid" more handsomely this time round but was left wondering "what happened" to the version of herself that she incorporated into the book as Carrie Bradshaw before noting that Sarah Jessica Parker had managed to do it "her own way" and became a favourite amongst fans of the show.

She added, "What happened to Carrie? It was all about Mr Big - and I'm the opposite of that. My goal, my message to women, is not to look for Mr Big. It's to be your own Mr Big. It's all about finding love - that's not my message to women. My message to women is self-actualisation. But [Carrie] is a fan favourite. She did it her way - and good for her."

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