Sarah Jessica Parker Insists Carrie Bradshaw's Lack of Manicure on 'Sex and the City' Made Sense

The actress who takes on the lead role on the 'SATC' franchise explains her onscreen character couldn't be bothered to do manicure because of her job as a writer.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Jessica Parker explains Carrie Bradshaw never got a manicure on "Sex and the City" as she was always typing. The actress, 58, who has returned as the neurotic relationship columnist in "SATC" spin-off show "And Just Like That…" said despite Carrie's obsession with clothes and shoes, she was rarely seen bothering about her nails.

"Carrie's a writer, so she would have been typing originally on a proper typewriter. She would have learned typing in high school, and she was a practical writer and a necessary writer and a romantic writer," she told Glamour magazine.

The "SATC" star added manicures were unnecessary for Carrie as they "seemed (a) futile because it would always be messed up and (b) an obstacle on the speedy road toward thoughts being written." She said, "It just never seemed that it was where Carrie would spend her time expressing herself."

Sarah also revealed there were continuity reasons for not giving Carrie different nail varnish colours. She said, "We also don't shoot in order. You're moving from scene to scene, so practically speaking, it's problematic to have a nail colour that's got to match every single scene. It gets in the way of speed and economy."

But Sarah admitted the new second series of HBO's "AJLT" would feature Carrie showing off dark nail polish, saying, "I thought it would be interesting to do, given the outfits and given the environment in which those scenes take place."

The show's executive producer Michael Patrick King added to Glamour about the surprise of seeing Sarah on set with bold nails while filming in Brooklyn, "I thought, Wow, she's wearing nail polish! And it's a dark nail polish, which is interesting and surprising."

He added about Carrie's clothes choices, "She decides, 'I'm going to wear this or that. I'm going to wear this long slip tutu to go get coffee. And, oh, maybe I'll put on nail polish tonight.' What's great about the character is she is not guarded by rules. Even rules she makes up."

Sarah told People about her own nails, "My nails are just buffed and clean. I use my hands a lot. I cook. I clean. I do laundry. (Nail polish) is not practical in my life given what my hands need to do every day! But for a red carpet, I will wear a dark green (polish) or something specific."

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