Justin Bieber Snaps at Paparazzi in New Video: 'Losers'
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In a video that circulates online, the Canadian star can be seen approaching a paparazzo who keeps recording him during his casual outing in L.A. despite his apparent displeasure.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber can't even enjoy his casual outing in peace. The "Love Yourself" hitmaker was jogging down the middle of a Los Angeles road on Wednesday, May 3 when he apparently could no longer tolerate having his privacy being invaded by paparazzi.

In a video that circulated online, the Canadian star rocked a navy fur coat that he paired with a white wife-beater shirt and thick, slouchy denim. Looking visibly upset, he approached a paparazzo who kept recording him despite his apparent displeasure.

"I want to f**king ***g your neck sometimes, you f**king loser," Justin told the photographer before walking away. Instead of being apologetic, the pap challenged the pop star as he responded off camera, "Do it, bro."

After watching the clip, Internet users apparently had mixed responses. "I feel bad for him …he's at his lowest point mentally. Needs retire and enjoy his life," one commenter wrote. "I would probably act this way, too, if my privacy was constantly being invaded," another sympathetic fan added.

"nah i actually feel bad for him like he's been through a lot, starting very young. obviously he's had some trauma so i'm not surprised he does this even though he shouldn't," one other noted. "They need to leave him alone they're always bothering him. And yes there is another way to handle the paps without being too aggressive," someone else said.

Meanwhile, some others somehow put the blame on the "Peaches" hitmaker's wife Hailey Baldwin. "and it's probably hailey calling the paps in the first place," a comment read. Another user similarly wrote, "Yet there's Hailey reposting pics the paps took of him, basically applauding them. You'd think your wife would know better."

Blasting the couple, one person penned, "Lol Justin is the biggest attention seeker thirst queen of all time. Also wifey calls paps on the daily so maybe he should look there. Many ways to get around LA without paps but he chooses to drive big flashy cars and go the same spots. If anyone is buying his s**t they are dumb. There are people way more famous than him that get around without being photographed. It's time for paps to show receipts about Hailey. Oh and also Justin got a hair transplant you can see his real hair line in some of the pics lol."

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