Minnie Driver Terrified When Cop Pulled Gun on Her as She's Leaving Movie Set Covered in Fake Blood

The 'Phantom of the Opera' actress recalls a close call with cops when she was driving home with her gory make-up still in place after wrapping up filming for the day.

AceShowbiz - Minnie Driver narrowly escaped disaster with cops after she was pulled over while driving home from a film set covered in fake blood. The 53-year-old "Good Will Hunting" star has opened up she was left "terrified" when a police officer pulled a gun on her during the traffic stop in California after she'd left a film set with her gory make-up still in place - but it was all a misunderstanding.

"I'd been shooting in a remote part of California and I was speeding home at 5am, covered in fake blood, when I got stopped by the police," she told the Guardian newspaper. "The cop was suspicious and said, 'What have you been doing?' I said, 'I've been shooting', and he drew his gun. I have never been so terrified. I said, 'No no, I've been shooting a film - I'm an actress!' "

During the interview she also opened up about the most "embarrassing moment" of her career so far - revealing she had to fake an orgasm in front of a group of male TV executives when trying out for a role in a chocolate bar advert. She said, "When I was starting out, in the early 90s, I had to fake an orgasm in a room full of male ad execs at an audition for a chocolate bar ad. It was grim!"

It comes after Minnie recently opened up about the difficulties facing older actresses in Hollywood - insisting it's difficult to compete with up and coming stars. During an appearance on "The Jonathan Ross Show", she explained, "I don't think the acting is hard to survive."

"I think getting old and being a known quantity where youth and newness is valued and favoured over oldness and a known quantity. It's very different now - it feels like a very different time for people who do what I do if you're a woman."

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