'RHOP' Star Mia Thornton Gets Into Online Back-and-Forth With Wendy Osefo's Mom Following Fight

Following a TV altercation involving her daughter and her 'The Real Housewives of Potomac' co-star Mia Thornton, Iyom Susan Okuzu blasts and puts a spell on Mia on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Osefo's mother has entered the chat. Following a TV altercation involving her daughter and her "The Real Housewives of Potomac" co-star Mia Thornton, Iyom Susan Okuzu blasted Mia on Instagram.

"Well well well! Ugly inside out !! CRATER face Mia !! A bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, wanna be CEO trouble maker!" Iyom wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday, December 1. "You've biten more than you chew! You just messed with a 'wrong' Naija MamaBear baby. Oh yes, Mia you assaulted my baby Dr. Wendy."

She continued threatening Mia, "Remember, he/she who fights and run away lives to fight another day. To hell with Mia and Peter! Oh, Yeeessss, I say HOLY GHOST FIRE on Mia and Peter, and Thunderous amen QED."

Mia caught wind of the scathing post and responded in the comments section. "Nigeria [a flag emoji] Yes, I can wave the flag because it's in my DNA, MAMA 'na wahala you' But sis too busy trying to defend she never once took the time to find out we from the same land. So take your Thunderous self on to the Holy Ghost Fire and repent," Mia wrote back. "P.S. - My family KNOWS your family. So Tic Tok Mama, WE don't receive threats kindly."

Iyom didn't back down as she urged Mia to "genuinely apologize" in her response. "You have a mouth, you should use it and NOT physically attack my daughter! FREE SPEECH Mia! Who do you think you are assaulting my daughter? Your action was seen all over the world! Holy Ghost Fire on you and Peter!" "Rubbish! You a disgrace to whatever you stand for," she continued dragging the Bravo personality in a separate comment. "I worked soooo. ...hard to raise my children; and when anyone brings harm to them; you have me contend with! You can wave Nigerian flag all you want; You are Not a Nigerian and you do NOT represent us! Olodo! Onye la!"

Fans, meanwhile, had mixed reactions to the online banter. "An igbo women cursing you out…Mia girl you in danger," one person trolled Mia. " 'uneducated classless craterface' is such a read," someone else commented. Some others criticized Mia for arguing with someone older. "That's tacky I ain't going back & forth with nobody mama," one said. Similarly, another person noted, "The way I would be in jail if anybody talked to my mama like this."

However, some Internet users thought that Wendy's mom should stay out of her daughter's business. "Wendys almost 40 year old self can & should be able to handle her own. Calm down mama bear..," one user suggested. "Yeah I don't agree with Mia but I can't stand a mom in her brown daughters business," another person added.

There were also those who accused Mia of lying about her descendants. "Mia literally lies about everything. Now she's Nigerian today," one commenter wrote. One other agreed as noting, "Mia can't stop lying & that is taking me down Now she Nigerian? Ok girl."

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