Ice-T Brags About Being Uncancelable Amid Backlash Over His 'SNL' Appearance With Dave Chappelle
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In the Saturday, November 12 episode of the NBC sketch show, the 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' star joined the stand-up comedian and the show's cast members for a sketch titled 'House of the Dragon'.

AceShowbiz - Ice-T has been unfazed by backlash over his "Saturday Night Live" appearance. The "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star bragged about being uncancelable after he came under fire for making a cameo on the hit NBC sketch show along with Dave Chappelle.

In the Saturday, November 12 episode of "SNL", the 64-year-old joined the stand-up comedian and the show's cast members for a sketch titled "House of the Dragon", spoofing the "Game of Thrones" spinoff. At that time, he played a pimp who sported a blonde wig.

Following the show, Ice-T declared on Twitter, "Somebody said they're gonna CANCEL me after doing SNL with Dave Chappelle... LOL!" He added, "These MFs have been trying to Cancel me for over 30yrs!"

"Saturday Night Live" life itself faced huge criticism choosing Dave as host despite his controversial remarks about the trans community. In his 2021 Netflix comedy special "The Closer", the comic said, "Gender is a fact. Every human being in this room, every human being on earth, had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on earth. That is a fact."

"Now, I am not saying that to say trans women aren't women, I am just saying that those p***ies that they got… you know what I mean? I'm not saying it's not p***y, but it's Beyond P***y or Impossible P***y," he added. "It tastes like p***y, but that's not quite what it is, is it? That's not blood. That's beet juice."

Dave still managed to host the show though. During his monologue, he weighed in on Kanye West and Kyrie Irving's anti-Semitic controversies. "I denounce anti-Semitism in all its forms. And I stand with my friends in the Jewish community. And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time," he first said.

"Kanye has gotten in some scraps before and normally when he's in trouble, I pull up immediately. But this time I was like, 'you know what? Lemme see what's gonna happen first,' " the funny man added. "Kanye got in so much trouble Kyrie got in trouble. Kyrie Irving posted a link of to a movie he seen on Amazon. No caption on the post or nothing like that, but apparently this movie had Anti-Semitic tropes... And the NBA told him he should apologize and he was slow to apologize."

The list of demands to get back into their good graces got longer and longer and this is where I draw the line. I know the Jewish people have been through terrible things all over the world, but you can't blame that on black Americans," Dave further noted. He also joked that "there are two words in the English language that you should never say together in sequence: 'The' and 'Jews.' "

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