Ice-T Proud of Doing Parenting That Is 'Different Than the Normal' With Wife Coco Austin

When opening up about his and his wife Coco's parenting journey, the 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' star suggests that they couldn't care less about what people say.

AceShowbiz - Ice-T acknowledges that his and Coco Austin's parenting have raised people's eyebrows over the years. However, the "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star suggests in an interview he's proud of how he and her spouse raise their 7-year-old daughter Chanel.

"We do our parenting," the 65-year-old told PEOPLE. " I think the thing of it is, it's Ice-T and Coco. Our parenting is a lot different than the normal, square couple from Oklahoma. I'm a f**king rock star, it's different."

"We're like the Osbournes," the rapper/actor, who also has LeTesha, 47, and Tracy, 31, from previous relationships, further exclaimed. "We have a different dynamic in our house. But it's not harmful. That's the main thing. It's us."

"You have to be out of your mind to care with someone else has to say," he explained. "I guess the thing is that to become successful, you can't pay attention to anybody but yourself. I think the trick is you take that like this: I don't know you personally, so I can't take anything personally. The only thing that would bother me is if somebody I cared about said something."

The proud dad went on to emphasize, "You got to remember this: for anything anybody says about me and Coco, there's a million billion people that are like f**k that. So are you gonna listen to the negative? I always say you're insulated by love. You got so many people out there that love you. You can't pay attention to the idiots, you know?" He then concluded, "So none of that affects us and you can tell."

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