Kodak Black Blasts 'Crazy' Kanye West, Supports Donald Trump for 2024 Presidential Election
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Fans, meanwhile, have mixed responses to the 'Wake Up in the Sky' rapper's remarks as some note that Ye and Donald are both bad options when it comes to president.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black slammed fellow rapper Kanye West amid the controversy surrounding the "Gold Digger" spitter. During an Instagram Live session on Thursday, October 20, the "Super Gremlin" rapper made it clear that he doesn't want Ye to be the president of the United States and that he wants Donald Trump instead.

"Kanye West, man, you're a** bats**t crazy," said Kodak, who is an avid fan of Donald. "You is not finna be no damn president. Chill with that s**t."

He also warned the "Donda" artist not to run in the 2024 presidential election. "Don't be talkin' 'bout Jay-Z and [Beyonce Knowles] 'bout to back your campaign in 2024. Uncle Trump finna be back in that office, that's a real one," he continued.

"They need to let Trump be president forever," the rapper went on to say. He also noted that "them n***as in Korea don't let" their leaders only stay in office for four years.

Fans, meanwhile, had mixed responses to Kodak's remarks. One user understood Kodak's passionate speech as saying, "Listen If the president took me out of jail because of my letter I'm supporting him too." Someone else doubted that Yak would be making the same statements if Donald didn't grant him clemency, writing, "If Trump didn't pardon him, would he be saying the same bs he spewing now?!!"

Some others insinuated that Kanye and Donald are both bad options when it comes to president. "They're the same person though. They have the exact same personality. So whats the difference," one person said. Another comment read, "If it's between trump and Ye and m fukin moving out this country."

Meanwhile, one user agreed with Yak. "I actually agree with him! Honestly Trump was one of the best presidents I experienced!" the person said.

Kodak has been showing support for Donald after the latter granted the hip-hop star prison pardon in 2021. "I'm a real one, Trump a real one," Kodak gushed in a virtual interview with TMZ last March. He also showed off an autographed MAGA hat he got from Donald after his release.

The "Wake Up in the Sky" spitter then shared what he and Donald shared in common. "We geminis. His birthday's two days after mine," he bragged.

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