Latto Claps Back at TikToker Saying She Had 'Attitude' During Concert

The 'Big Energy' hitmaker defends herself after a TikTok user shares a video on the platform, criticizing the raptress and accusing her of having an attitude during her concert in Philadelphia.

AceShowbiz - Not all fans of Latto (Mulatto) are actually pleased about her recent show in Philadelphia. A TikTok user put her on a blast in a video on the platform, criticizing the raptress and accusing her of having an attitude.

In the viral video, the TikToker showed several highlights of the performance in the City of Brotherly Love. "Latto's attitude sucked. She seemed annoyed. I hope she gives/ gave your city a better performance because she ain't give a fck in Philly," the person wrote over the clip.

The clip didn't go unnoticed by Latto, who quickly commented on it to add her two cents. "My attitude w the crowd was fine! If u spent 200k on production to not sound right in ur ears so that u could perform ur best you'd be mad too," the "Big Energy" hitmaker wrote in an Instagram comment on Monday, October 3.

"But being the professional I am, I still gave it my all! This is weird smh. To attack my work ethic/character over a technical error u known nun about," she continued.

She also clarified that she didn't have an argument with the DJ. "What u see WASNT a disagreement it was me & my DJ yelling OVER THE MUSIC to hear each other & figure out why I couldn't hear myself! LOUD & WRONG!" wrote the rapper.

Some fans also defended Latto for her strong reaction to the technical issue. "Yall can't be mad that she's upset with her production/sound its only so much professionalism you can have as an artist in this type situation," one fan said. "I think she did fine, hell I just heard about what happened her recently in Atlanta and they said Tevin Campbell and Tamar where the only 2 who worked around the mess but they are long time veterans! Yall give her some grace please."

Another user slammed those who compared Latto to Beyonce Knowles. "Y'all keep comparing her to Beyonce and that's weird. Beyonce has had DECADES to perfect her stage presence and how she handles technical issues during performances. Latto is going to learn the same way all performers learn…over time and with experience," the person wrote.

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