Celebrities Who Bravely Shaved Off Their Eyebrows

In addition to Doja Cat, these Hollywood stars doesn't hesitate to say goodbye to their eyebrows for a movie role, personal beauty choice or even a TikTok trend.

AceShowbiz - Eyebrows are one of a person's most prominent facial features. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face and play a powerful role in communication. Despite those important roles, some Hollywood stars decided to shave it off, rocking a whole different new look.

These famous names didn't hesitate to say goodbye to their brows for a movie role, personal beauty choice or simply a TikTok trend. AceShowbiz has listed celebrities who bravely shaved off their eyebrows. Check out the 10 of them below.

1. Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Earlier this month, Doja Cat decided to shave off her eyebrows. The "Woman" songstress decided to do it during an Instagram Live session. Throughout the livestreaming, she revealed the real reasons why she did it.

The Grammy-winning artist admitted to struggling with her natural hair for years, describing it as a "f**king nightmare." She also said that she saw "no point" in having hair. "What is the use of having hair if you're not going to f**king wearing it out? I don't even sport it, so I'm shaving it off. There's no point. I've never felt so f**king happy, like ... it's very funny how much of an effect taking my hair off my head has positively influenced me," she told her fans.

2. Ethan Peck

Ethan Peck

While Doja shaved off her eyebrows because she's not feeling it, Ethan Peck did that to shorten makeup time for his role as Spock in "Star Trek" film series. Though he finally agreed to go eyebrow-less, it was revealed that it took some convincing.

Prosthetic department head Chris Bridges told Variety that the decision to shave Ethan's brows cut the prosthetic process down from two hours to precisely 72 minutes. "I remember sitting down with Ethan and saying, 'Let me shave your brows. They'll grow back. I promise,' " recalled Chris, "As long as they don't wax them or damage the follicle, they'll grow back.' So, he was like, 'All right, let's do it.' "

3. Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

As for Amandla Stenberg, they went eyebrow-less just to keep up with a viral TikTok trend. The Starr Carter depicter in "The Hate U Give" showed off their shaved brows during a getting ready guide with Vogue in 2020.

"I just did that thing that everyone is doing now where I shaved off the end of my eyebrows because of goddamn TikTok so I have a different eyebrow shape than usual," they explained while applying some tinted gel to their eyebrow hairs. "But honestly... I'm absolutely loving it."

4. Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks

In addition to Ethan Peck, Albert Brooks also had to shave off his eyebrows for a movie role. The 75-year-old actor went eyebrow-less for his character as sinister villain Bernie Rose in 2011's "Drive".

"I knew what I wanted the character to look like," the Academy Award-winning actor told Interview Magazine in 2011. "I emailed [my makeup artist] photos and I would wait with baited breath. He wrote back, 'Terrific!' "

5. Jodie Turner-Smith

Jodie Turner-Smith

Also sporting eyebrow-less look was Jodie Turner-Smith. Instead of tweezing, plucking, waxing or shaving off her eyebrows, the "Without Remorse" star underwent a removal process of her bold brows in March.

Jodie documented the entire process on Instagram Story. The short clip featured the "Queen & Slim" actress with a disposable razor to her head, riding every last follicle from her face. The text overlay the 15-second footage simply read, "Bye bye brows."

6. Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas sported a freshly shaven head and face in 2018. "The Mask of Zorro" star decided to say "adios" to his eyebrows in order to promote his TV series "Genius: Picasso" in Madrid.

On the show, Antonio played Pablo Picasso. In an interview, the 62-year-old Spanish actor said that he's fine going eyebrow-less. "My eyebrows are still growing back, and my hair too," so he explained.

7. Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Among those actor who went all-in on his physical appearance for movie roles was Jared Leto. The 50-year-old actor/musician portrayed different eyebrow-less, lipstick-wearing characters in back-to-back films when he starred in 2013's "Dallas Buyers Club" and 2016's "Suicide Squad".

"They started to grow back slower and slower, so I got a little scared. But they did come back," he told Ellen DeGeneres about the re-growth process. "It's going to be strange to make a film with eyebrows and without lipstick. I'm going to feel kind of naked."

8. Madonna


Madonna is widely known for her unique look. The Queen of Pop hasn't been afraid to pair her boundary-breaking outfit choices with equally shocking beauty looks since she first hit the scene in the 1980s.

While the 63-year-old superstar has always been one to flaunt and embrace her body hair, telling Harper's Bazaar, "I refused to shave, I had hairy armpits," she did quite the opposite to her eyebrows in 1992.

9. Kanye West

Kanye West
WENN/Ivan Nikolov

Kanye West believes that less is more. In November last year, the 45-year-old rapper and Yeezy designer successfully turned heads when he debuted a new drastic look after he shaved off his eyebrows.

Ye was first spotted with his absent arches a month after he showed off a photo of the back of his head, unveiling his new hairless look. The "Flashing Lights" spitter simply captioned the Instagram photo, "¥."

10. Rihanna


As for Rihanna, she shaved off her eyebrows for a photoshoot session. Back in 2018, the "Diamonds" hitmaker bravely showed up on British Vogue's September issue without any brows at all.

The cover image is a closeup of the singer wearing a flower crown with glossy gradient lips, Twiggy-esque spider lashes and super-skinny drawn-on eyebrows. The look was created using her makeup line, Fenty Beauty.


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