The new track is expected to appear on the 34-year-old 'See You Again' hitmaker's upcoming album, 'Multiverse', which is set to be released on Friday, July 29.

AceShowbiz - Wiz Khalifa seemingly had a lot of fun filming "Bad A** B***hes" music video. Directed by Edgar Esteves, the Thursday, July 14 visuals shows the "See You Again" hitmaker being fondled by several red-clothed women in a desert.

On the track, the emcee boasts about his rockstar lifestyle. "Is this anybody's b***h? Somebody let me know, are you for anybody, ***h?/ I heard from the bros you a busy-bodied b***h, s**t, don't nobody care if you got plenty bodies, b***h, you came in it solo/ Believe I'm leavin' out with somethin', keep on sayin' he want problems but when he see me, don't address it," he rhymes.

Speaking about the music video, Edgar shared that it was inspired by Mexican bullfighting. "I wrote the concept for this visual while I was in Mexico City being surrounded by the culture inspired a bull fighter themed video where the women are the red flags and Wiz is being lured in by their beauty and strength," he wrote on Instagram.

"Wiz and I wanted to use an all black and brown cast and the women in this art piece really brought this one to life," he further explained.

"Bad A** B***hes" is expected to appear on Wiz's upcoming album, "Multiverse". The hip-hop star announced that the project will arrive on July 29. He shared the announcement along with its cover art that saw an animated version of him being surrounded by three women.

Back in April, Wiz, K.R.I.T., DZA and Girl Talk dropped their "Full Court Press" album. The 10-track set also featured a guest appearance from Curren$y.

Later that month, the 34-year-old rapper unleashed the "Iced Out Necklace" music video. In the clip, the Grammy-nominated rapper can be seen heading back to high school where he becomes a naughty student.

"Put two middle fingers up, say, "F**k your life" (F**k your life)/ Made more money than you in your f**kin' life (F**kin' life)," he spits. "She don't want you, dawg, she wanna f**k your life (F**k your life)/ Ain't nobody hatin' on you, f**k your life."

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